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Trend Analysis Of Industries Essay

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Trend analysis of industries is basically represented by doing common sizing. Trend analysis on the other hand is also known as horizontal common sizing. Horizontal common sizing is a technique with the help of which one can very easily identify as well as rectify that where actually the firm is lacking, what are the weak points, what are the strong points, where the firm should work more and more and how it can overcome all those problems.

Horizontal common sizing or trend analysis is a technique with the help of which one can easily analyze that how the firm or the company was working in past years and how it is working now. Comparison is easily done with the help of horizontal analysis.

Along with this, industry analysis is also done with the help of horizontal common sizing or trend analysis. Analysts can very easily rectify the major areas where their firm is lacking and they can easily work on them in order to improve their weak points and also to make them more stronger. Today, many leading firms or companies are working on this area of horizontal common sizing or trend analysis in order to analyze the major areas and they therefore highlight those areas in order to make them positive. No doubt, trend analysis or horizontal common sizing helps a lot in making any firm or company the best one. Trend analysis is one of the major source with the help of which any firm can reach the top levels and can work accordingly in order to gain the maximum outcomes. (Schaefer, pg 310, 1995)


Howard G. Schaefer, (1995), International economic trend analysis, Greenwood Publishing Group, page 310.

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