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Historical Significance Of A Case Study

Case study is a method of research which permits the researchers to study a particular individual, subject matter or a case, in a thorough, detailed manner for an extensive amount of time. The significance of a case study lies in its results. A case study provides not only quantitative data but also enriches the findings with comprehensive qualitative results as well. Furthermore, the case study method of conducting a research allows the researchers to control all the extraneous variables that could possibly result in confounding the results. Thus, case study research is a popular method of research in the subjects of psychology, sociology and various social sciences.

The case study method of research was put into play by Sir Pierre Guillaume Frédéric le Play- a French economist, sociologist and an engineer. His multitudes of expertise in these three highly distinguishing fields may have contributed largely to his pioneering of a case study method of research. Despite conducting sociological research in his spare time, Frédéric le Play pioneered the method for conducting a case study via his study of the cyclical changes in society in regards to the rises and declines of the family morale.

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Writing a case study requires the manipulation of the words to demonstrate every aspect of the research in such a way, that it exudes professionalism and genuineness. Furthermore, as a case study bears the disadvantage of introducing unconscious demand characteristics, it is essential to make up for that factor by compiling the document with excellence.

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