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We’ll help you write the perfect research proposal for you that’ll instantly get your idea approved. Here are the sections we normally include in our research papers.

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We’ll help you write the perfect research proposal for you that’ll instantly get your idea approved.Here are the sections we normally include in our research papers.

Title Page:

We use a professional title page template and add no more than 10-15 words to it. We’ll mention your research topic and other personal details like name, batch, date of birth, email, and date. We’ll write a one-liner research topic that clearly indicates your solution to the research problem. We keep the font of the title of your paper large and bold so that whenever someone picks up your paper to give it a read, they first see the title. We try not to get too fancy with the title of your page, as some professors might not like it. Our title pages are elegant and professional.

Statement of Purpose:

If you are researching something, you must have a problem statement in mind. In addition, there must be an issue that you intend to solve through your findings. In your statement of purpose, we will mention the problem you are targeting in your research paper. Then, we’ll talk about what the issue has to do with your field of study and what solution can you provide. To catch the reader's attention, we’ll also add an interesting statistic that helps define your problem better. Finally, our writer will link the theoretical issue and its implications in real-life scenarios.


As the name of this section suggests, we will write about the background of your research topic. For example, suppose you are writing a thesis on AI-controlled robotic waiters. In that case, you have to describe Artificial Intelligence in detail and discuss what developments have been made in this technology. Next, we’ll discuss the available literature chronologically and discuss the progress in the field that your research topic belongs to. We’ll also add some findings and statistics to make your background study look more credible, if necessary. Finally, our background section will summarise all previous findings related to your research statement.


In this section, we have to discuss the importance of your research topic. So, we’ll start the section by talking about the problem first. Then, we’ll mention how you can find an appropriate solution to the problem through your findings and methods. After that, our experts will explain what difference your research will make to society and your field of study. Here, we can also discuss the scope and impact of your research. Lastly, students have to prove to the jury that the topic they are working on needs to be researched for the betterment of society and advancement of their field of study.


This will probably be the lengthiest section of your research proposal. To make things easier, we can divide the methodology into two parts.

We’ll start by discussing your methodological approach. Then, our writers will mention your research problem and describe the solution in detail. We’ll also define the qualitative and quantitative approaches you used to extract findings to support your argument.

In the next step, we’ll describe the qualitative and quantitative approaches in detail. For example, if you have conducted surveys or experiments, our experts can precisely explain their methodology. Our experts will also cover the available literature.

Once we have both quantitative and qualitative data, we’ll relate it to the thesis statement or research question.


Every researcher faces some obstacles while researching a subject. Explaining these issues can help researchers carry your study forward effectively in the future. In this section, we’ll have to talk about the challenges you faced during your project or research process. If there are any conflicting theories, our writers will also mention them. We can also suggest a research path for future researchers to follow to make further advancements in the subject.


Last but not least, we’ll add credible references to your paper. Depending on your degree level, our experts will add up to 150-200 references in the bibliography section of your paper. We’ll prepare the bibliography section according to the referencing style mentioned in your project guidelines. The most common styles include APA, Harvard, MLA, and IEEE. Our academic writers will also add in-text citations to the content of your research proposal accordingly. We know how important it is to follow the format religiously, as these minor mistakes can lead to major score deductions.

How Our Writers Structure Research Proposal

Strong Introduction

There are hundreds of students who are presenting and defending their research proposals to the jury. Therefore, the judges won’t have enough time to read every single proposal from the beginning to the end. Instead, they will look at the title and the introduction of your paper, and if it interests them, they will continue reading your research proposal. Our writers know how to create an impactful introductory section that not only grabs the attention of readers but will also explain the background information of your research topic perfectly. They will also add statistics and facts that strengthen your initial argument. Lastly, they will write a thesis statement that perfectly describes the research problem in a sentence or two.


Let’s say your research proposal has an engaging introduction that motivates the reader to go through the methodology section of your paper. However, if you are unclear in your approach and the methodology looks farfetched or illogical, the jury might reject your idea straight away. However, UK Writing Experts will not let your idea get rejected just because you are unaware of the art of convincing academic writing. Our writers will produce a clear and precise methodology section that explains the roadmap of your research. We can also add pre-existing findings to support the main and sub-arguments of your proposal. Lastly, we will perform qualitative and quantitative analysis to extract facts and statistics supporting your problem statement and topic.


In this section, we will mention the findings we got through our experiments and surveys. Not only will we mention the results, but we will also discuss their meaning and implications. We’ll visualise the data in the form of graphs, tables, and figures for better understanding. We will not only relate the qualitative data with the main argument, but we will also describe the essence behind the quantitative data mentioned in the research proposal. We can also use secondary data to support our research in different ways if necessary. Our experts use highly effective research techniques to extract information for your paper. Therefore, you will never see any fact or finding which is either inaccurate or irrelevant to the subject of your paper.


Depending upon your requirements, we can create a separate discussion section or merge it into the conclusion chapter. First, we will mention the thesis statement once again. Then, we will summarise all of your findings and available literature while relating it to the main argument of your paper. We will also talk about your topic's scope and future research possibilities. We will state the topic's significance and explain how we can find a convenient solution to the research problem.

Lastly, we will give you important pointers on defending your proposal in front of your professors. We know what kind of complicated questions you’ll face regarding your research topic, and we’ll prepare you to answer them confidently.

Things We Care About Before Structuring your Research Proposal

What this study seeks to find?

Students are often unable to clearly mention the purpose of their study. For example, they might have a great idea to bring massive advancements to their field of study. However, suppose they cannot clearly discuss the objectives and goals in their research proposal. In that case, the jury will never be able to understand what they’re trying to achieve with their research. This will result in rejection, and you don’t want that, do you? We know that you have a brilliant idea, and you should convey it to the jury effectively.

After discussing your ideas with you, our writers will mention the goals and objectives of your research. We will also mention the problems targeted through your research paper and briefly mention how we are going to solve them.

What is the study’s main arguments or questions?

Do you know why the introduction chapter of your research proposal is so crucial? Well, it is the first thing the jury sees while reading your proposal. It contains your research subject's background information and discusses its scope. However, it contains a sentence that holds the most importance. It contains the main research argument or question. The purpose of the whole paper and its findings is to support that argument. This sentence is called the thesis statement, and it is usually found at the end of the introductory section of a research proposal or paper.

We will write a concise and self-explanatory thesis statement that can easily summarise the main research problem.

Which audience we are writing for?

Whether you’re writing a research proposal or any type of academic content, you should have a target audience in your mind. For example, if you have written a research proposal on microprocessor design, you can’t expect a sociology professor to correctly analyse your idea. So, write on topics that are relevant to your field of study. On the other hand, if you write on an irrelevant topic, the jury won’t even bother reading through your research proposal, no matter how good it is. Also, if you want to publish your paper in a journal, write a research proposal relevant to the journal's niche.

We will write an excellent research proposal and suggest a topic that is relevant to your subject.

The Best Research Proposal Writing Services in UK

Research Proposal Writing Services with Proper Methods

Data collection is an essential process in the methodology of every research project. There are many methods through which we can extract data. One of them is by conducting experiments.

Experiments are a way to collect primary data for your research. You can also refer to pre-existing experiments to collect secondary data. We can use multiple experimental procedures to extract academic information. One of the most common ways to experiment is by creating groups. For example, suppose a researcher has to analyse the impact of a vaccine. In that case, he will make two groups of infected patients and compare the impact of having and not having the vaccine, respectively.

There are two main types of analysis, i.e., qualitative and quantitative. Quantitative analysis involves numbers and statistics. On the other hand, qualitative data contains subjective information and does not contain any data. Our papers perform both types of analysis to extract authentic and relevant academic information.


Research Proposal Writing Services Which Includes
Figures and Tables

Adding statistics and data is important for the credibility of your research proposal. However, just mentioning it between your content is not the best way to present the research material that you’ve worked so hard to extract. Data visualisation is a skill that our academic writers have mastered. We know how to present data in your research proposal in an easily understandable manner. We will visualise your findings in the form of figures, tables, and graphs. Unlike other services, we won’t just pick readymade graphs and figures from other papers and attach them to your paper. Instead, we will create them from scratch and add primary and secondary data. Even if we add any figure from a third-party source, we will mention its source in the bibliography section with proper referencing.


Benefits of Taking our Research Proposal Help

We extract information from some of the most reliable and credible journals and scholarly papers. Our writers ensure the information in your research proposal, including your arguments, ideas, theories, and problem statement, is conveyed clearly to the readers. Our papers do not contain any plagiarism, as we write and research everything from the beginning. Therefore, you won’t have to use a separate paid plagiarism checking software to check the originality of our work. Instead, we provide an optional plagiarism report with every order, which you can also turn in with your paper.

If we find your idea unrealistic or slightly far-fetched, we will refine it and propose an easily researchable topic. Our experts choose unique topics with a lot of scope for research and development. If you cannot understand the content of our research proposal, feel free to ask questions. Our experts will clear all of your misconceptions and prepare you to properly defend your research topic in front of the jury. Most importantly, our services are easy on the pockets of every student in the UK. To make things even better, we also multiple discounts, including a 15% discount on your first order.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you want someone to help you get your research idea approved, you should choose UK Writing Experts. Our writers will discuss your idea with you and refine it if necessary. Then, they will prepare an excellent research proposal that’ll get your idea approved in the first attempt. To help you defend your proposal, we also offer to guide you through the concepts discussed in the paper.

  • First, we have to discuss the research problem in detail and its background. The introduction of your research proposal also contains the thesis statement, which contains the main research question. We also discuss the significance and scope of the topic
  • Then, in the literature review, we discuss the available facts and findings regarding the research subject.
  • After that, we will discuss the methodology. It contains your project's working, or it can also contain your qualitative and quantitative findings. In the end, you have to explain how your research process will work.
  • In the discussion section, you will describe the implications of the findings. You have to describe the meaning behind the data you have mentioned in your paper.
  • In the conclusion section, you have to relate your findings to the main research question and summarise your research precisely. You shouldn’t add any new information in conclusion. However, you can discuss future research possibilities.

In a research proposal, you have to describe your idea, its significance, scope, and work. You can only start writing your thesis or dissertation once your course instructor approves your research proposal.

For bachelor students, a research proposal should be around three pages long. However, if you are pursuing a Master’s or a PhD degree, your research proposal can get up to 40 pages long, depending upon the complexity of your subject.

If you are our new customer who has just signed up on our website, we’ll offer you a 15% discount on your first order. We also offer multiple discounts throughout the years on multiple occasions.

We are one of the most trusted academic writing services in Britain. Therefore, it’s better to trust our writers instead of a freelance academic expert who just has a bunch of positive reviews.


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