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MBA is one of the most popular degree programmes in the UK. Business schools in the UK offer a large variety of MBA specialisations. However, no matter what specialisation you pursue, there will be extremely difficult concepts that you need to understand clearly to score well in your MBA essays. The standard of education in British business schools is quite high. To fulfil their learning outcomes and objectives, students have to complete many MBA essays and assignments throughout an academic year. Moreover, they also have to revise important concepts for written and verbal assessments.

Managing both of these tasks is difficult for most students. If you are an MBA student who is struggling to write an MBA essay then you should hire our MBA essay writing services – we are the best in this business. We have an amazing team of MBA experts with different specialisations. We can write high-quality essays on almost any MBA topic. We can cover both conceptual and technical subjects with ease. Also, if there’s anything you don’t understand about your MBA essay, feel free to contact our MBA experts for free help.

How We Structure an MBA Essay

Normally, an MBA essay consists of three sections – Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. Here’s how our MBA essay writers will structure your MBA essay:


We have to make sure the reader is interested in reading your MBA essay from the first sentence. Therefore, we never forget to add an attention-grabbing statement or hook in the initial phase of your introductory paragraph. Then, we discuss the background of your essay topic. Here, we discuss the available literature relevant to your essay’s topic. Lastly, at the end of your introductory section, we mention the thesis statement of your MBA essay. It’ll contain your point of view regarding the topic, and it’ll be just one sentence long. We will be supporting your thesis statement later in the body paragraphs.

Body Paragraphs

These are the paragraphs in which we will be defending your arguments and perspectives regarding the MBA essay topic. We usually add no more than 3 body paragraphs/sections. However, if the topic requires a lot of content, we can include more sections. We will support your arguments with the help of evidence. It can be either qualitative or quantitative. Our MBA essay writers only use the best journals, books, and research papers to extract relevant evidence to support your argument. Also, we add a topic sentence in every paragraph, as it summarises your entire argument in a sentence. While we will write your MBA essay’s body paragraph in a detailed manner, we also make sure that the information is precise without any unnecessary fluff.


In this section, we will summarise all of your arguments. We will also talk about the purpose behind your findings and research material. Then, we will again mention your MBA essay’s thesis statement and relate your arguments to it. We keep the information as precise and clear as possible. You will not find any fluff or irrelevant content in the MBA essay conclusions written by our brilliant MBA essay writers. Lastly, we discuss what we achieved through this research and discuss future possibilities. We will also create a reference section and mention all the sources used for extracting necessary information.

MBA Essay Types We Have Written on

MBA Essay 1 – Goals

In goal essays, we describe your career goals in detail. If you want to enrol in one of the best business schools in Britain, you have to nail your goal essays. You have to make the examiner believe that you are a candidate who has plans to work hard and achieve great things in your professional life. If you don’t sound ambitious to the examiner, your application will be overlooked.

We have helped thousands of MBA students in the UK enrol in their dream universities. We know what an examiner looks for in a goal essay. They want to see how the candidate stands out from others. They also observe the candidate’s desire to succeed. We can write excellent goal essays to increase your selection chances.

MBA Essay 2 – Self-reflection

The university administration wants to know about your personality to see whether you are creative and motivated enough to learn and apply your concepts in real-life situations. They also want to see how good you are at reflecting on your life. Therefore, they will ask you to explain your family background and hobbies. You might also be asked to talk about your positive and negative personality traits.

A self-reflective essay might sound casual to you. However, it plays an important role in determining whether you are fit for studying in your dream business school or not. It should be perfect, and our MBA essay writers know how to write flawless and impressive self-reflective MBA essays. We will intelligently describe your personality traits to the examiners to make you look the best candidate.

MBA Essay 3 – Contribution

In a contribution MBA essay, students have to reflect on the academic and co-curricular achievements so far. These types of MBA essays are normally written for enrolment purposes. However, you should also know that many other candidates have achieved great things. Therefore, in this essay, you should not only mention your achievements, but you should also emphasise their importance and what you learned from those experiences. You can also discuss your professional and soft skills. Then, talk about your future ambitions. If you find it difficult to explain the importance of your achievements, you should choose our MBA essay help services. Our writers will discuss your achievements with you and draft an impressive contribution letter to increase your chances of selection.

MBA Essay 4 – Leadership

Universities want to create leaders, and for that, they want the applicants to have leadership qualities, as it’ll help you in your personal and professional life. Therefore, at the beginning of your leadership essay, we will define good leadership with the help of powerful quotes. Then, we will create an outline for the content of your MBA essay, as proper formatting is highly significant.

We’ll start your leadership essay with a hook, quote, or a thought-provoking statement. We’ll also add a thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Then, our MBA writers will describe events where you showed your leadership skills and brought a change. Then, before sending it back to you, we will thoroughly recheck it. Finally, our MBA writers will make sure your essay makes an impact.

MBA Essay 5 – Video

Our MBA writers have helped many candidates make an impact and enrol in their dream university by delivering high-quality video essays. We will discuss your answers with you and organise the structure of your video essay first by creating an outline. Then, we will jot down some important talking points and an example that’ll support your narrative.

We make sure the tone of your video essay is energetic and engaging. We will add some light humour to it to make it entertaining. Add images of your experiences and achievements to prove why you are the best candidate. After finishing your video essay, we’ll properly edit it before sending it to you. Finally, we make sure you turn in the perfect version of your video essay. Choosing UK Writing Experts could be the best decision you ever made!

We Cover All Topics Related to MBA Essay Writing Services

Marketing Mix

Marketing mix is a set of tools that help a marketer pursue a target audience and sell their product/service. This model consists of 4 ‘Ps’ that help marketers fulfil their objectives – price, promotion, production, and place. These four factors contribute to creating an effective marketing funnel. If you have an MBA essay in which you are finding it difficult to describe these factors and relate them to a certain marketing campaign, you should go for our MBA essay writing services. We have highly qualified and experienced marketing experts in our team who’ll perfectly explain this concept to you and help you understand its applications.

SWOT Analysis

In SWOT Analysis, we have to analyse a business’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. It is a useful tool to analyse a business’s performance. A business analyst can determine the positive and negative aspects of a business’s functioning through historic data and facts. Then, they can provide effective solutions to improve the business processes and revenue. However, many students find SWOT analysis quite difficult, as it involves a lot of qualitative and quantitative data. Also, students have to use the results to develop appropriate solutions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes. Therefore, we recommend you leave such MBA essays to our experts.

PESTEL Analysis

In PESTEL analysis, the analyst has to break down the risks and opportunities into 6 types of factors - Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, and Legal. The strategic framework helps identify pros and cons in business plans. PESTEL Analysis helps a company categorise the factors that would impact its revenue and processes. It is a major subject in MBA, and to ace your degree, you have to analyse every aspect of a business’s strategy with clarity and precision. If you want your PESTEL Analysis to be spot on, opt for our MBA Essay Help. We will help you generate the best academic results.

Equity Research and Financial Analysis

Multiple entities often own a business, and the ownership is divided in the form of equity. For example, let’s say there is a financial broker who wants to invest in the shares of a start-up. However, before buying its shares, he would study about the business, its shareholders, history, reputation, and environment. Similarly, in financial analysis, the broker would analyse the profit and revenue made by the company in a quarter. If you are an MBA student who has to write an equity research and financial analysis assignment, you should opt for the best MBA essay help.

Financial Transaction Tax

Businesses make different types of transactions all the time. However, they are liable to pay taxes for transactions such as selling and purchasing. Financial transaction tax (FTT) might also apply to the sale or purchase of stocks, shares, and currencies. Business owners prioritise taxation matters because if they don’t pay their taxes on time, it could lead to serious consequences. Therefore, MBA students are taught FTT. Moreover, their professors assign them FTT essays where they have to calculate the taxes after analysing a business’s transactions. If you are not good at financial analysis and taxation related topics, choose our MBA essay help.

Dollar-Cost Averaging

While investing, businesses often don’t pay the full amount upfront, as it would cause a major impact on their finances. Therefore, investors divide the total investment amount across periodic instalments to spread the financial impact periodically. This MBA strategy is known as Dollar-Cost Averaging, and it is one of the best ways for a business to minimise the volatility impact on investment. Dollar-Cost Averaging is taught in multiple MBA programmes. However, students often find this topic quite confusing, as it requires a lot of mathematical expertise. Therefore, we recommend you try our MBA essay help. As a result, we have the highest number of satisfied customers.

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)

It’s a hypothesis that states that a company's share prices reflect all necessary information. Efficient Market Hypothesis is a topic that normally features in the subject of financial economics. This hypothesis mentions that stocks always trade at their fair market value. It also argues that there’s no way an investor can buy undervalued or overvalued stocks. Writing MBA essays on such a topic can get very complicated. Also, students have to discuss counter opinions which state that the market can be beaten. We recommend you to seek MBA essay help in UK for such difficult topics – and UK Writing Expert is the only reliable option.

Capital Asset Pricing Model

It’s a mathematical model that describes the relationship between expected returns (for assets like stocks) and risks. The main formula used to calculate the relation between risks and asset returns is:


ERi is the expected rate of return, while the variables Rf, βi, and (ERm−Rf) are the risk-free rate, beta of investment, and market risk premium, respectively. Unfortunately, this model is hard to understand for many students, making many mistakes. If you have to write an MBA assignment and discuss a certain business's capital asset pricing model, then you should hire UK Writing Expert’s MBA essay help service. We have highly qualified finance and economics experts who can solve this model perfectly and write a flawless essay for you.

Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH)

It’s a hypothesis that states that a company's share prices reflect all necessary information. Efficient Market Hypothesis is a topic that normally features in the subject of financial economics. This hypothesis mentions that stocks always trade at their fair market value. It also argues that there’s no way an investor can buy undervalued or overvalued stocks. Writing MBA essays on such a topic can get very complicated. Also, students have to discuss counter opinions which state that the market can be beaten. We recommend you to seek MBA essay help in UK for such difficult topics – and UK Writing Expert is the only reliable option. /p>

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We will only work on your MBA essay according to your project requirements. We’ll never deliver you an end product that doesn’t meet your expectations. We will format your paper and cite it according to the style your professor recommends. We’ll also make sure we meet every course objective and learning outcome. If you think our final draft is not written according to your expectations, you can send it back to us for a free revision. We ensure 100% correctness as well. We will complete your assignment just like your professor wants to help you score the highest grades.


MBA essays should only contain accurate and factual information. It should be defendable using qualitative and quantitative data. MBA essays can get quite lengthy, which is why we have to extract enough research material to make up for the mammoth word count. Also, many times, the orders we receive are extremely time-sensitive. However, our writers are high-performing professionals who’ll never deliver your essays late. Moreover, they use pretty efficient research methodologies to extract useful qualitative and quantitative data for your MBA essay. We make sure every piece of information is discussed precisely, which is something professors look for while grading MBA essays.


Once we deliver the final draft of your MBA essay, you have complete ownership of the document. Our MBA essay help is completely legal, and it complies with academic ethics. Like other leading British companies, we also value the privacy of your customer’s data. We protect it using highly advanced cyber security protocols. Moreover, we never share our customers’ data with any third-party entity without their consent. UK Writing Expert has been providing academic writing services for many years, and we have had thousands of satisfied customers whom we assisted in writing high-scoring essays. We are far ahead of any other MBA essay help in UK.

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Wondering why our MBA essays are always so perfect? Well, it’s due to the magical academic writing abilities of our experts. They are so good at researching and writing that most of their MBA essays score exceptional grades. With our well-researched and well-written MBA essays, you will impress your professors. We hire some of the best MBA essay writers in the world. Also, we only recruit subject-specific experts to ensure relevant and accurate content every time. They use highly-ranked sources for researching and extract the best evidence to support your argument or research question. If you want to work with such brilliant professionals, place an order at UK Writing Expert today!

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