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Summary of Articles Essay

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Summary of articles is usually done on a routine basis in order to keep a backup and also to make all the readers or viewers in touch. Summary is basically done in order to know that what actually is written in the articles. As a matter of fact, most of the readers do like to read the summary first in order to know that what is in the articles. If they are interested then they do proceed otherwise they don’t.

Therefore, summary is an interesting area and it should be maintained in a proper manner in order to make it eye catching and interesting at the first glance. Summary should comprise of some main as well as important points which are the main areas of the article, because these points actually makes up the whole article. Summary should be written in a proper manner and it is the foremost duty of an author to make sure that he / she has over view all the articles in order to write the perfect summary. Summary is no doubt the main or the core element of any article and therefore it should be written in a proper manner in order to make it more interesting.

Summary of articles basically represents that what is in every single article is represented in one single summary, by reading one summary, you can analyze that how and in what way all the articles are written and thus you can judge the strong points as well as the weak points of the articles. (Jacobs, pg 489, 2008)


Eva E. Jacobs, (2008), Handbook of summary of articles, Bernan Press, page 489.

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