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Social Security Issues Essay

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Social security is termed as a security, which should be given to every single person who is living in this world and who is living in this society. When a person is living in a society, government duty is to protect their rights and to protect their assets in order to make them tension free. Social security is thus termed as a responsibility, which those people who are working in it have in order to protect all the other people and to protect their rights.

There are various social security based issues, which are important and should not be ignored. These issues should be maintained in a proper manner in order to avoid any risk which public can face. In a place where people are living, they are dependent on the government in order to be protected. Government thus maintain a security system whose main responsibility is to protect the rights of people and to protect their every single right in order to make their lives easier. The security which is provided is in short termed as the social security system and their main aim or target is to protect the rights of individuals ion order to make them tension free so that they can lead a life which is tension free. (Boskin, 1977

Social security is no doubt one of the main and important challenge and the tasks, which are awarded to the guards, are also riskier, but in the end, they are the only one who is protecting the life of every single individual.


Michael J. Boskin, (1977), The Crisis in social security: problems and prospects, Transaction Publishers, page 214.

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