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Questionnaire Designing Essay

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Questionnaire designing is one of the challenging tasks, which should be considered as an important task because whole research is based on the basis of the questionnaires.

There are open ended and closed ended questions, which actually tells that how the questionnaire is designed and in what format. In open-ended questions, questions are asked in an open format, which can be answered by the respondent in any way. Whereas on the other side, the closed ended questionnaire provides a list of items for the respondents or it also provides alternative answers to be selected, or blanks to be filled in. It is also termed as a structured questionnaire along with the scales requiring “yes/no” or other types of directed responses. This type of questionnaire basically require less time and the tabulation which is presented in the questionnaire is also simple and is not time consuming. (Brace, pg 305, 2008)

Format is an important element, which should be easy and simple enough in order to make the situation much easier for the respondents to fill the questionnaires without facing any kind of problems or difficulties.

  • Easy, simple and short questions
  • Precise questions
  • Use of appropriate language
  • Used closed ended questions

These above-mentioned elements should be followed properly in order to make a questionnaire easy, simple and one should try to make it simple with the help of which any respondent can respond in a positive manner without facing any further difficulties or problems. If respondent feels comfortable then the result will be also in a positive manner. (Brace, pg 305, 2008)


Ian Brace, (2008), Questionnaire Design: How to Plan, Structure and Write Survey Material for Effective Market Research, Kogan Page Publishers, page 305.

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