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Organizational Behavior Essay

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Human resource management also known as HRM is currently undergoing the rapid professionalization. One main and important area, which has not been fully examined and verified from a main perspective, is the ethical dilemmas. Ethical dilemmas in the area of HRM can be easily seen as multifaceted, which involves the personal, professional, and the organizational considerations. Knowledge Management also known as KM is defined as the holistic and the main combination of the measures for managing people, processes and the technology. However, most of the KM literature also focuses on the technology part, and on the explicit integration of Human Resource Management part into the KM initiatives, which is seldom examined. Therefore, shedding light on how the HRM or the human resource management practices combined along with the KM initiatives leverage, which is the firm's human capital and create value is the major aim.

HRM is linked with all the organization's areas. Each and every single area should be treated well in order to generate best possible results so that one can never face any kind of loss or failure. In order to make an organization the best one, the superiors, managers and all the seniors should try to work hard and to provide best working environment so that all the employees can work well in order to generate best possible results and the best possible outcomes. Human resource management therefore deals with all these areas in order to generate best possible results and to make sure that each and every employee is working well and is trying hard to generate best possible results. (Harris, pg 478, 2001)


O. Jeff Harris, (2001), Organizational Behavior, Routledge, page 478.

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