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Movie Reviews Essay

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Movie reviews are designed in an innovative manner with the help of which readers or viewer can easily know what actually was in the movie. Below I have mentioned an example, which is related to movie review.

The movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley" is a film, which is based on the book known as "Fire in the Valley". Which was based on the Personal Computers made by well-known writers Michael Swaine and Paul Freiberger? It is also known as a made-for-television docudrama, which was written as well as directed by Martyn Burke who actually documents the rise and the fall of the personal computer, by the rivalry between Microsoft and Apple computers. (Latham, ph 321, 2002)

The commercials for this movie "The Pirates of Silicon Valley" particularly portray Bill Gates looking more obsessive, and on the other hand Steve Jobs smiling more beatifically, so therefore I tuned in expecting the another piece of the anti-Microsoft propaganda. Well I feel that in this movie there was some kind of ethical challenged practices. Actually, the movie mostly is sticks to the Steve Jobs' story, and it is not that much flattering. Another most important reason is that this movie also shows a dude from the roll up of HP towards the garage where Woz and Jobs are working together in order to sprinkle some kind of cash on them.

When I watched this movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", I eventually thought of that basic and important principal with the help of which one can very easily start a business without even a lot of money. Microsoft actually survived because of their different and unique methods and techniques. This is the main reason because without this no other business can succeed. (Latham, ph 321, 2002)


Rob Latham, (2002), Consuming youth: vampires, cyborgs, and the culture of consumption, University of Chicago Press, page 321.

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