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Motivation Essay

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The word motivation is extracted from Latin word known as MOVERE. This Latin word means to move. Moving towards the goals and trying to achieve them is known as the motivating factor and the whole process is termed as the motivational process. This process is related to the whole process that how and why human is motivated and is directed towards any task or goal in order to achieve them. Many researchers and theorists are there who are trying to motivate people in order to develop self-esteem with the help of which they can work hard and can gain all the success, which they really want to achieve. There are numerous kinds of motivational theories, no doubt, none of them is accepted universally but apart from this, people are following them blindly in order to be motivated and also to be directed towards their goals and aims. (Latham, 2007)

ERG theory, Maslow hierarchy theory and many other theories are there which are important and plays important role in motivating people towards their goals. If these theories are followed properly, then one can for sure gain the maximum output in his / her life.

Motivating others is also known as an important element and people should try to motivate others in order to gain the best possible outcomes and to attract people towards motivation. If one is motivated then he / she can for sure gain the best possible outcomes and can be the successful person in the world. (Latham, 2007)


Gary P. Latham, (2007), Work motivation: history, theory, research, and practice, Sage Publications, page 300-337.

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