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Marketing Plan Essay

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Marketing orientation approach is related towards a business, which directly reacts or interacts with the needs and demands of the customers in order to know exactly what they want. Further on, the decisions which are thus made are empirically based on the needs and wants of the customers. When a business is using marketing approach strategy, it do not implies towards the need of the business, it only works on the customer's needs and wants in order to cater them properly and also to generate better outcomes. Now a days the marketers are trying to adopt the marketing approach techniques because customers are now becoming more knowledgeable and they now require better and advanced quality and services. Therefore, markets now require to be more technical in order to cater the needs and demands of their customers, otherwise it will loose their customers. (Kotler, pg 522, 2007)

Customers as mentioned above are now becoming more interested while choosing the product or service, now they are emphasizing more on the quality and service and they want better and well maintained service as well as product. Therefore, market is now trying to adopt various strategies in order to cater the needs and demands of their customers and to fulfill their needs in order to be the best one.

Targeting and segmentation both are the necessary and main elements, which should never be ignored and should be applied at the right time and right manner in order to segment as well as to target the customers. After segmenting and targeting, one can very easily cater and fulfill the needs and demands of the customers and can make them satisfied. (Kotler, pg 522, 2007)


Philip Kotler, (2007), Marketing: an introduction, Pearson Prentice Hall, page 522.

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