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Laws And Judiciary Essay

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White collar crime is highlighted in this article in order to demonstrate the benefits of the laws and judiciary.

In the field of criminology, the white-collar crime has generally been defined by Edwin Sutherland as a crime, which is committed by a person of the respectability and of the high social status in the course of his own occupation. Sutherland was one of a proponent of the Symbolic Interactionism, and believed that the criminal behavior was learned from all the interpersonal interaction with others. The white collar crime therefore overlaps along with the corporate crime because the opportunity for the fraud, insider trading, bribery, embezzlement, the computer crime, and also the forgery is much available to all the white collar employees. The term white-collar crime dates back to the year 1939. Professor Edwin Sutherland was the first to coin this above-mentioned term, and along with this, he was the first one to hypothesize the white collar criminals attributes towards the different characteristics and also the motives rather than the typical street criminals.

On the other hand, another example is also given i.e. crime without victim. The concept of the crimes without victims has also played a major and an important role in the legal and in the sociological debates of the 1960s and later, when the first important and serious efforts were mounted in order to urge repeal of the archaic laws, which were against the homosexual acts. It was promoted by the work of many different American sociologists. Crimes without victims are basically known as the willing which exchange by adults which is strongly demanded but on the same side legally proscribed goods or the services, or also the commission of the acts which are proscribed by the law in which no third party is directly involved or is directly harmed.

Now a days, laws and judiciary is working in order to delete all these kind of crimes and to make the society the well prepared one. (Eddy, pg 348, 2000)


H. Eddy Djunaedi, (2000), English translation on laws concerning judiciary, Mahkamah Agung Ri, page 348.

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