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Job Design Essay

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For any kind of work, business or job, job design is termed as an important concept which should be viewed and should be managed properly in order to generate best possible outcomes. with the help of a job design, organizations basically try to raise the productivity levels by offering some non-monetary rewards for instance greater satisfaction from a sense of personal achievement in order to meet further increased responsibility as well as challenge of the work. Some of the useful techniques, which are used in order to raise the level of job design, are mentioned as under:

  • Job rotation
  • Job enrichment
  • Job simplification (Hans, 2002)

These above mentioned techniques are some of the useful techniques which should be used in order to generate the best possible outcomes for a particular job. For every job, job design is the basic source with the help of which work can be done in an appropriate manner and the outcomes will also be in the positive manner.

Job design also refers to the way that a particular task or set of tasks, or an entire job, is basically organized. Job design also helps to determine:

  • What tasks are done,
  • How the tasks are actually done,
  • How many tasks are done, and
  • In what order ad manner the tasks are done.

Job design is also considered as a helpful or useful way which is used in order to help and to deal with the stress in the workplace. (Hans, 2002)


Hans D. Pruijt, (2002), Job Design and Technology: Taylorism Vs. Anti-taylorism, CRC Press, page 100-183.

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