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Globalization Essay

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Globalization is a term which best describes a process with the help of which regional economies, cultures and societies have tend to become interconnected to a globe-spanning network of trade and communication. This term is also used in order to refer to the economic globalization i.e. the integration of all the national economies into an international economy by means of trade, foreign direct investment, capital flows, migration, and with the help of the spread of technology. However, globalization is also known as a driven which is made with the help of a combination of economic, technological, socio-cultural, political, and biological factors. This term can also be referred to the transnational circulation of various ideas and languages. (Adams & Henry, 1931)

Covering a wide range of distinct economic, political and cultural trends, this term “globalization” has therefore quickly become one of the most fashionable as well as useful term. Some latest as well as recent social theory has also formulated a more precise and interactive concept of globalization which is now a days being used in order to generate best possible outcomes. Some theorists do suggest and said that globalization is a term which is used to demonstrate the concept of working which is being done in other countries and that work is done in order to generate best possible outcomes too. With the help of globalization, no a days, better work is being done in most of the businesses thus economy is rising and it is helping in the well being of the whole nation. (Appiah & Anthony, 2006)


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