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Plagiarism Essays

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Plagiarism is known as the act of taking another person's work or thoughts and presenting that as one's own without taking their consent. During the recent years, due to easy access to data through internet and online sources students massively submitted plagiarism essays. Colleges and universities demand original and authentic essays but when students submit copied work they have to bear serious consequences. Students submitting copied work ultimately get a label of cheater which is immensely destructive for their academic career.

However, sometimes we commit this crime of copying someone else work and claiming as our own, without being aware of the fact that we are involved in any plagiarism associated activity.
Hence, there are the two types of plagiarism:

  • Intentional Plagiarism: intentionally claiming someone else’s idea, concept and content as yours.
  • Unintentional Plagiarism: unintentionally claiming someone else’s idea, concept and content as yours. This kind of plagiarism involves unawareness of committing the offense.

Easy access to the data available at the internet along with the copy and paste feature promotes the possibility of plagiarism. The chances of occurrence for this act are high where students are demanded to write in bulk. Most oftenly students do not realise the importance of genuine data and perceive that the reader and professor will not be aware of the fact that the data has been copied. While collecting data for the essay, students usually ignore the sources of the data and incorporate data which leads to unpleasant events such as rejection of the essay, getting tag of a cheater and sometime getting suspended.

Students are not well aware of the fact that teachers and professors are well equipped for tracing any marks of duplication and replication. They are familiar with the tricks used by plagiarists hence they utilize the available resources to rectify all the errors. Universities have installed anti-plagiarism software to detect if the content carries any copied or unauthorized content or not. Within few minutes teachers and professors get to know if the content is produced by the writer himself or copied from some other sources.

Students need to be careful while composing their essay as there is always a great chance for the occurrence of unintentional plagiarism. Students might not intend to copy someone’s data or content but they fail to cite the sources correctly or in the case of rephrasing students do not feel an urge to cite the work properly. Conceiving an idea from somewhere and drastically transforming the data diminish the chances o f presenting plagiarism work to a great extent.

Plagiarism is considered as a crime and students should take every necessary step to avoid this act. Students should utilize their own writing skills to demonstrate their understanding of the topic and in the case where they need to take some other author’s idea they should transform the data into their own personal style in order to diminish the chance of presenting plagiarism work.

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