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Persuasive Essays

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In order to compose convincing persuasive essay students need to comprehend what is a persuasive essay before initiating the writing process. Persuasive essay is an essay that aims to persuade or convince a reader on any specific thought or idea. This type of an essay should be based on opinion and present convincible and strong argument to support the opinion. Having an aptitude for composing a persuasive essay leads to better career prospects and help you to get what you want. Many students struggle for spotting the right approach hence we let you know how to write a convincible persuasive essay:

A short guide:

  • Comprehend the topic: before initiating the writing process it is necessary to understand the topic thoroughly and prepare a strong argument.
  • Give sufficient time: hurry and rush will get you nowhere. Take ample time for preparing your argument, recognizing the approach which will be used for the argument, writing and proofreading.
  • Brainstorming: any piece of writing demands solid foundation on which the content or your argument will stand. The first step for attaining an outstanding essay is brainstorming where you short list all the points and arguments which will incorporate in your essay. Good brainstorming gives you the opportunity to explore different angles of a subject.
  • Segmentation of data: for promoting the clarity of the content it is essential to divide your data in three basic paragraphs i.e. introduction, main body and conclusion. The data should flow smoothly and be closely connected. The reader should not feel lost at any point of the essay.
  • Introduction: importance of introduction lies in the fact that it carries the importance of either grabbing or losing the reader’s attention. A strong introduction compels the reader to stick to your essay.
  • Conclusion: for creating long lasting impression students need to conclude their essay wisely. Conclusion should not carry any new argument or data rather it should be a short recap of the whole content. 
  • Presenting strong argument: the beauty of a persuasive essay lies in the argument you present. Make sure to support your argument with legitimate and strong argument.
  • Proofread: all essays need editing and proofreading in order to trace out grammatical errors, punctuations and other minor errors which can transform your essay immensely. Read your essay to yourself and see whether it makes sense or not.

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