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Personal Essays

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Personal essays are based on personal experiences and encounters which often result in lesson learned. Writer does not need to persuade or convince a reader in personal essay as it aims only to exhibit your personal experience or personal opinion about any individual, topic or subject. It relies on feeling, emotion, personal experience and personal opinion.

Important characteristics about personal essay:

  • Based on personal experience and personal opinion
  • Writer may include dialogues for narrating the story or experience
  • The result may be in some personal benefit and development
  • Writer should be honest in opinion for displaying a clear picture
  • Writer must use facts and data which is authentic as this is real life experience
  • Inclusion of emotions, feelings and personal thoughts

As personal essay is a direct interaction with the reader it should be written in a way that the reader feels connected to the text. The writer needs to present a clear picture of the entire experience and it should be authentic with utilization of proper words and phrases. A writer needs to use words and phrases which accurately describe the situation hence personal essay requires in depth details of the topic you are writing about.

Not every student is best at it hence they seek professional help for composing their personal essay. UK Writing Experts consider personal essays as the easiest piece of writing but there are students who do not have enough time and their strict deadline is approaching them. Our custom personal essays are designed according to the guideline provided by you. We comprehend your experience and utilize our writing skills to compose a master piece. You may have an idea about what you want to incorporate in your personal essay and in case you do not, our writers are available round the clock to assist you.  We place a meeting with you and take all the guideline necessary for composing your essay. As personal essays are more about personal experiences there are few chances of replication. This piece of writing just involves descriptive writing skills to demonstrate your personal experience clearly.

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