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A-level Essays

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A level Essay is a complex exercise that reveals the candidate’s ability to analyze a problem and to discuss the pros and cons of a certain idea, topic, element or factor. It also detects the following:

  • How strong is your vocabulary
  • Presentation style
  • Understanding of the concept or the essay topic
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills

In the event of A-Level Essay writing students need to demonstrate their writing skills, scope of vocabulary, quality of analysis and understanding of a topic or problem. Students need to demonstrate their understanding of the topic in an organized manner by organizing the ideas and data in a proper manner. The data needs to be segmented into different paragraphs and subparagraphs in order to maintain the clarity of the content and the reader does not get lost while reading it.  Students can segment the data by dividing the data into three paragraphs i.e. the introduction, main body and the conclusion. The introduction should be appealing enough to achieve the interest of the reader while the conclusion should recap the whole content without an introduction of any new content. Regarding vocabulary, words should be avoided that you cannot control and are not appropriate where used. Keep your essay writing simple and avoid repetition of the content.

Tips for writing A Level Essays

A levels essay should be written legibly and neatly. Comprehensive and simple language should be used. Students must pay special attention to spelling and grammatical errors in A Level essay writing as inclusion of grammatical errors may lead to loss in marks. Students must spare one or two minutes after finishing essay writing to read the paper for errors. Avoid colloquialisms or informal language as markers are very sensitive to the quality of the content and correctness of language.

What is special in A Level Essays Writing?

A Level Essays Writing is the most important task and students must acquire special writing skills to be successful in it. Some questions are treated as a whole and some questions are structured in 2 parts or more. They need to be answered accordingly. No matter how much knowledge you possess about the topic, if you cannot demonstrate you knowledge through your essay, you will not do well. Unfortunately, a good essay is just not writing everything you know about a particular topic; you need to choose the content wisely. A-Level examiners tend to focus on the hard stuff, like answering the question instead of analyzing the narrative style and the inclusion of the information to support your points. However, these skills take time to learn.
Fortunately, these skills can be learned, so do not despair if your first attempt seem to be less encouraging by the teacher. The key to success is to follow their advice, read their comments and work on the guide line for improving the next time.

A Level Essay Writing Service at UK Writing Experts

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By Stevie Malcolm

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