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Computer Science Essay

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In this 21st century, the use of computer is increasing and it is becoming very much important for every one in order to make work easier and less complicated. This study which is known as computer science is an important field of study which should be acquired by every single person in order to make his / her work easier. With the help of this study, one can complete the work in less time and the work will be completed without any further problems and difficulties. in every university or college, this subject is given an equal importance and therefore many students and now trying to acquire it and are also taking it as a major course in order to be well efficient in this field. (Dale, 2006)

This subject is also included in the study of science but the main difference is, this study is entirely based on computers and every single work can be done and can be accomplished by using computers. Computer science is the study in which one can learn about hardware and software knowledge. Now a days, much of the work can be completed by using computer and in this way work can be done in an appropriate manner and ultimately people do not face any further problems.

The study of computer science should be made compulsory and every student should try to gain the knowledge about computers in order to learn more and more and also to acquire more knowledge in order to complete their work in much lesser time and also to complete the work in an effective and efficient manner. (Dale, 2006)


Nell Dale, (2006), Computer science illuminated, Jones & Bartlett Learning, PAGE 600-636.

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