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Comparison Of The Companies Essay

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Comparison of the companies is an important task and I have mentioned this comparison by comparing two companies with each other.

TESCO is the one, which is running in order to fulfill their customer's needs and wants. Now these needs and wants can be anything, either a soap or furniture. You can find every single item and can make decisions on you own choices and thus results will be generated in an efficient manner. (Hopfenbeck, pg 326)

Whereas on the other side, CO-OP is a supermarket or a store, which is running in, order to cater a large segment. For instance, this market is not there to cater every need either the minor one or the major one of every customer. This store is there in order to have a potential and to fulfill the demands or needs of the huge corporate sector.

In TESCO, you can find any product or any item and you can easily but that, on the other hand CO-OP actually caters you in a different manner. Here you can buy, you can make decisions but not on individual basis. You can here make decisions in a group and thus your demands will be easily catered by CO-OP. all the charities, investors, and all other huge corporations actually take benefits from these kind of stores because they actually help them in maintaining proper balance and thus they are also providing them as much help as they can in order to make them more successful. (koller, pg 739, 2005)

These two above-mentioned stores are very different from each other but are running and generating huge benefits. The term supermarket is used for both of them but the inside real meaning is actually different. Now a days there is a concept that if a term supermarket is associated with a firm, then it means it is providing all the things to the customers in same manner. No doubt like TESCO you can find books, magazines, and all other accessories also grocery in CO-OP too but from very different perspective. Here you can buy these things in lots and usually investors and groups of people shop here in order to buy these items. Whereas, on the other hand the concept of TESCO is different. There you can even buy a single book or any things, which you want. Individuals are catered there with full harmony and with effective manner.
Importance of these both above mentioned supermarkets are up to the high level and both of them are working in order to generate well-oriented outcomes. In order to have profits and to have better investment these both markets are working very well. Profit wise TESCO is working and investing wise CO-OP is working. (koller, pg 739, 2005)


Tim Koller, (2005), Valuation: measuring and managing the value of companies, John Wiley and Sons, page 739.

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