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Business Essay

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Business, also known as a company or an enterprise is an entity, which is legally recognized organization. Businesses are formed in order to provide various goods or services to the consumers. There are various kinds of businesses; some of them are government owned whereas some of them are privately owned. Businesses are basically formed in order to earn profit and to enhance the working in order to generate more and more profits. (Geffner, 2004)

Business is carried on in order to generate output with the help of which further goods and services can be produced. In any business, group of people work together with each other by sharing feelings, thoughts, ideas and innovative techniques in order to generate the best possible outcomes which can raise the value of the business. In any business, people who work together do work with full devotion and dedication in order to make their business the successful one. For every business, there is only one goal or aim i.e. to obtain or achieve success. People do work hard by applying various strategies in order to compete with all other competitors and to make their own business the best one.

A business should be maintained in a well obtained manner with the help of which it can make it's position well established and strong one. Now a days, there are various kinds of business, legal and illegal. Legal businesses are more successful and will also gain success in the future too, therefore a business should be maintained in a legal way in order to generate better outcomes. (Geffner, 2004)


Andrea B. Geffner, (2004), Business English: a complete guide to developing an effective business writing style, Barron's Educational Series, page 300-368.

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