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Advertising Plan Essay

English Dissertation, Dissertation Help

Now a days, various innovative and skillful advertising plans are being used by many companies in order to motivate as well as to attract more and more customers. Advertising plans should be designed in a well maintained, an orderly manner in order to attract more customers and also to make or to develop an eye catching looks. Most of the companies try to use or to adopt such kind of advertising plans with the help of which they can very easily attract more customers. The plan should be:

  • Innovative
  • Attractive
  • Multipurpose
  • Competent

If these above-mentioned elements are fulfilled, then for sure any company can attract more and more customers by designing attractive advertisements. The plan should be different and it should follow some basic rules as well as regulations in order to fulfill all the criteria. One main as well as an important element, which should be also kept in, mind id to make sure that whatever advertisement plan is, it is different from others. This is known as competition. Competition is an important element and it should be catered properly in order to generate better outcomes. Plans are different depending on the nature of the advertisement, the advertisement agency should thus try to develop or to design such kind of plans with the help of which they can attract more customers and can gain more and more profits. Earning more profits can be done by planning advertisement in different and innovative manner with the help of which better and better results can be made. (Thomas, pg 726, 2008)


Thomas O'Guinn, (2008), Advertising and Integrated Brand Promotion, Cengage Learning, page 726.

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