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World Economic Crisis Essay

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World economic crises are the one from which our world is passing through and is thus facing a lot of problems. Economic crisis are related to finance. When a nation is not getting enough finance or is not getting enough money to operate all the necessary tasks, then in the end, the nation do face through the world economic crisis. When there are resources, but no method is implemented in order to make good use of those resources, when there are means but no proper way is adopted and when leaders are there but no proper direction is given then in the end the nation do face a lot of world economic crisis. When any nation faces economic crisis, then the result is poverty, loss of economic balance, loss of import and export rate and in the end the nation face many problems, which lead towards the great harm.

Therefore, it is always suggested for every single nation to work in a proper manner, to follow all the possible rules and regulations, to follow the right path and also to follow the right direction in order to gain the right and positive outcomes. If right path and direction is adopted then the nation will never face nay kind of economic crisis and it will be the best one which will be generating enough output. Despite all this, if the world or the nation is not working properly then it is not able to generate enough output and it will directly as well as indirectly affect the nation as a whole. (Fitt, 1980)


Yann Fitt, (1980), The world economic crisis: U.S. imperialism at bay, Zed Press, page 100-180.

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