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Social Housing Essay

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Social housing is one of the widely used term, which means giving, or providing houses for rent to people. social houses are basically owned by councils, by various housing authorities and by government too. There are also various schemes with the help of which you can gain or can achieve a house and this scheme is also carried forward by this term which is known as social housing.

Social housing came into being as the result of the industrial revolution which took place in 19th century. People at that time left their jobs and they started the business which was related to the housing societies and schemes. Social housing is now termed as a leading business which is being done by many well known proprietor and they are gaining as much as they can by this business. This business is no doubt working very well and a lot of people are getting benefit out of this business.

Apart from this, social housing is also known as a business where many people are getting as much benefit as they can and thus, it is termed as one of the leading business in today's world. Apart from all this, this business is also carrying some fraud with it which is not good at all for all those innocent people who are now trying to invest in social housing schemes and they are later on facing loss. Social housing is a business which should be fraud free and risk free and this is the government's duty to make it risk free. (Reeves, 2005)


Paul Reeves, (2005), An introduction to social housing, Butterworth-Heinemann, page 200-270.

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