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Response Essays

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A response essay is based on the feedback the writer has in light of a specific book, article, journal, press report, movie, landmark, monument, artwork etc. A response will be a personal opinion which will incorporate what the matter is all about and how any particular event or experience had a strong impact on you. Though response essay writing teachers assess whether students have to say something about the topic and what is their response on any particular topic. This piece of writing involves analytical skills for demonstrating your understanding of the topic.

Right Way of Structuring Your Essay:

  • Response essay is different from other critical and analytical piece of writing. It involves personal opinion and perspectives therefore writers may use phrases like ‘’I thought’’, ‘’I regard’’, ‘’in my opinion’’, ‘’it appears to me’’ to exhibit the reader clearly what is your perspective about the particular topic. Writer may use different strategies for keeping the interest of the reader
  • Stating your opinion does not only mean to share the impression you had but it ought to have truth, statistics and authentic data to support your opinion. Your essay should include data which persuades the reader to make a specific move and take actions on your opinion. For example, compelling them to read the book or watch a movie you are writing about
  • Lastly, every writer should be honest while stating the facts and opinion in their response essay. Wrong data leads the reader to create an image which is not authentic. Writers should be creative but to reasonable extent. Give the reader ample space to consider your opinion and take the right decision whether they want to agree to the writer’s opinion or not

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