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Academic Essays

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The academic essay is a prose composition, aiming to expose the author's idea on a specific issue and to answer a question by presenting an argument. It is used to assess student learning and critical thinking. In the text are quotes from the authors on which it rests, or with which you disagree, and arguments are presented to support this view.

Structure of Academic Essay Writing

The academic essay writingconsists of the following parts:

  • Introduction: The introduction outlines the essay topic. It is a brief summary that defines and specifies the subject. In many areas it is customary to include the Abstract . An abstract is the complete presentation of work in a summary.
  • Body: The body is called the development or approach for answering the essay. It is exhibited through orderly argumentation. The presentation may use elements such as tables, charts, quotes or footnotes. In this part the arguments for or against the topic are presented.
  • Conclusion: The conclusion is the end of the academic essay. It is the outcome of the essay and the result of the essay’s argument is discussed in this part.
  • Bibliography: The bibliography is the list of books, journals, video, magazines, newspapers, websites and other documents that have been taken into consideration for the trial.

An Academic Essay is Not a Summary

Students are required to understand what are the ideas of the essay as a basis to develop the genuine piece of academic essay writing. To do this, you can use a dictionary; and you can also read the text several times to make sure that you have understood the text and the content is clear for the reader as well. However, an academic essay can never be merely a paraphrase of what is already stated in the text. You should always strive to bring the ideas of the text beyond the literal meaning. In an academic essay critical reflections are prompted as you discover an idea that is not on a superficial reading.

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