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Book Reviews Essay

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Book reviews are no doubt an interesting way with the help of which one can exactly comes to know what is in a particular book. In order to define it clearly I have mentioned an example of a book review.

In this book "A theory of leadership effectiveness" which is written by Fiedler Fred is one of the most important and essential book for all the marketers and for all the leaders. Fiedler Fred is one of the famous and well-known writer who writes in order to influence the readers. All the readers are attracted by his words and therefore he is one of the famous writer.

In this book, Leadership has been described as one of the process of the social influence with the help of which one person can easily enlist the aid and can support others in the accomplishment of a main and a common task. (Fred, 2007)

According to Fiedler Fred, Leaders must fulfill three main and important functions, which are mentioned below:

  • The Leader must always provide for the well-being of the lead.
  • The leader must provide a social and a competitive organization in which people can feel relatively more secure.
  • Leader must provide people with the main set of beliefs.

Leadership as described in this book is one of the most important and an essential aspect of the organization as a whole. However, defining the concept of leadership is one of the most challenging task. Leadership is also consider as one of the perceived and an emotion laden process. Leadership is one of the most important task for the leader because with the help of his skills and his capabilities he can motivate his team and in the result his team will work according to the needs and demands and will generate better and better results. In this above mentioned book there are different styles of leadership which are mentioned. Different styles are only in order to attract all the people so that they can work well and can generate better outcomes. The leadership skills basically comprises of planning, counselling, evaluating and communicating. A leader must have these all capabilities or skills so that he/she can very easily motivate his/her members and therefore as a result can gain maximum benefits. Planning is one of the most important part and skill, which should be in every leader. If the leader plans well then only he or she can motivate his/her members well. On the other hand counselling is the second most important element, which should be there so that with the help of this a leader can share his/her feelings and can work well according to all the needs and demands of their members. Whereas evaluating and communicating are other most important elements. Communicating is one of the most important part with the help of which a leader can know that what exactly his/her members wants. What actually are their needs and demands so that a leader can work according to their needs and demands. To communicate with all the members is an important part because with the help of communication one can easily know that what their members want. This is the main theme and idea which is discussed in this book. (Miner, pg 416, 2005)


John B. Miner, (2005), Organizational behavior: Essential theories of motivation and leadership, M.E. Sharpe, page 416.

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