What is the philosophy of essay writing?

philosophy-of-essay-writingAn essay is text in which you can choose a topic within the context of study, think, create own opinions and argued about it. Therefore, it is not a mere opinion on a subject, but a reasoned, factual and honest perspective. An essay is a single narrative body. Essay writing consists of three basic parts, which does not mean that the parties must follow a strict and rigorous order.

Once chosen the theme for your essay writing you want to try, you should discuss a problem in beginning of the essay, i.e. raise it as a question. This shows clearly about what you want to deepen through your essay writing. It should explain the question and the context of it, just as it is possible, though not absolutely necessary; explain where this problem arises in you. Examples: Can man be constituted as such outside the system? How to overcome ethical relativism? What is happiness, what is the kind of rationality that belongs to the Latin (or Chilean) Search for answers to these questions, where the process of research and reflection is evident. Here you have to explain conflicting arguments related to the problem, you have to explain the possible answers to your questions, clearly arguments. Then you must present your point of view, writing the facts, arguments or assumptions that support your answers. It is worthwhile to make the exercise of argumentative essay writing, facts or hypotheses that might contrast with your theories and possible answers that you give. You can add other issues that you encountered during the process of reflection and investigation.

Finally, you must make a final analysis, critically and honestly where you can write the resolved and unresolved answers about the topic. There is need to further concretises stance has become increasingly clear in the course of essay writing. The conclusions that you take out should always be related to the problem that prompted you to write essay, which does not mean they cannot go other. Not forget that your essay writing is to have a philosophical question, an investigation of different perspectives on it, your own reasoned perspective, possible objections and critical responses, a general analysis, the response of the initial problem or answer a few approaches.