What Are The Suitable Words You Can Choose For Your Essay?

When writing an academic essay. You really need to choose your words very carefully. This is because if you do not think, and weigh, what you are going to say very, very carefully, where will you and your essay be, at the end of the day? At the very bottom of your class of course! And that is one place you must avoid at all costs.

So in the words of the band, Boyzone, ‘it’s only words’… why then do we have to attach so much importance to these words that are being used in the essay writing? Because these words can, if used well, enhance the quality of your work and if used unwisely, or in a way that does not look all that good, they can detract from the quality of your custom essay. So just how should you write to make sure that the words being used in the essay really look good? Here are a few simple steps that could really help you write great essays that look really professional and good on paper!

  • Avoid Slang

Academic custom essays may it be related to economics, marketing, or humanities, then whether their tone is meant to be informal or formal, or whether they are being written in first, second or third person format, regardless of them all you should always avoid using slang in your writing. Just about the only place where slang would be acceptable in any piece of academic writing, would be when writing a story and you are writing it as part of a conversation or as words being spoken by a character in the plot. In most other cases, unless it is absolutely essential to make a point, slang language should be avoided at all costs.

  • Make Sure Your Sentences Are Clear And Can Be Easily Understood

When writing, every person has a certain thought process going on in their heads. This makes writing, especially when you really get into the flow of it, very easy and spontaneous. However, one problem that really stand out here is that, when writing, a person tends to write sentences that may seem clear to the writer but are very vague and in fact downright weird to read. Take the following examples for instance:

  • The fight over, he felt so out of breath that he gulped down a glass of water to refresh himself.
  • The fight over, he swallowed water.

The first sentence, explains and puts the whole act into a better, clearer perspective, something that is missing from the second example. Thus when writing, especially descriptive essays, you should use words for your sentences that hold more meaning for the reader.

  • Do Not Repeat

It is easy to repeat words and phrases, because, especially in essay writing, when you have just a 1000 or so words in hand, there is basically just one general idea that you are working towards. So it becomes easy to repeat yourself. Read through the essay once you are done to avoid repetition. Also, when too many of the same words appear in close proximity to each other, try thinking of alternative words that could be used instead. For instance, if every sentence in a particular paragraph is beginning with ‘However’, maybe you could try using other words or phrases such as ‘moreover’ or ‘besides that.’

The best essays showcases simplicity and precision and always try and use words in the right connotation. That makes the essay really stand out because of its quality. Try achieving that for yourself! Team UK Writing Experts wishes you all the Best!