University Education and Role of Written Communication

Great composition implies great correspondence and attendants, who are fruitful experts, are always included in composed correspondence. In the field of nursing composition and dialect manages diagnostic, hierarchical, and mechanical abilities. So accordingly, the nursing person must have the capacity to express musings of a perception through composing.

Medical caretakers are called upon to not just tend to the physical needs of patients, additionally to further capable to make lawful, restorative, and scholarly information as working environment records, for example, diagrams, lab reports, and nursing exploration.

All the teachers and students around the globe will agree that communication is very important. We all know that communication is an important element of our daily life; communication is of two types written and verbal. Both types are very important but when we talk about university education it is necessary for every student to have good writing skills.

Written communication is very important in university life because being a student it is necessary for you to have good writing skills. Writing skills does not only mean texting, facebook commenting, keeping diaries or for getting a better SAT score. Good writing skills are necessary because it is used extensively in higher education and in the workplace. Almost 75% of university assignments, essays, dissertations, thesis, memos, reports, applications, preliminary interviews, emails, proposals etc is done in written form.

Creating written documents is a difficult job for everyone because it requires good writing skills; a written document reveals the educational background of a person. Well written documents show that a person has good educational background and knows how to write, writing skills always help people in every field of life particularly in academic and professional life.

But in today’s world of Information technology writing has become a lost art especially students do not know the proper techniques of writing a formal document because they know that they can find anything on internet and can easily copy paste it, this is the main reason why students fail in their courses when they are asked by their course instructors to write an assignment, essay, dissertation, thesis, proposal etc.