Universities of UK

Universities of UK


Studying in university has always been imperative from educational point of view and university life has varied kinds of attractions as well. Students always want to study in a good reputable university which can provide quality education with extracurricular activities and amusing events. To study in such kind of environment students go abroad as well. In a survey it has been found out that people from all over the world go abroad for only two reasons, first one is to get good quality education and the other reason is to get employment and UK has been ranked among the top 3 countries where people come to get education and employment.

Students come to study in UK because it has world’s top ranking universities which offer every undergraduate degree and postgraduate courses from accountancy to social sciences. These universities of UK offer approximately 30,000 – 40,000 courses which include all 2 – 3 year diploma courses and 4 – 6 years undergraduate courses of Engineering, Medicine, Nursing, Law, Social Sciences and Dentistry etc.

All the universities in UK provide superiority amenities to all the students whether they are not from UK. The facilities provided by these universities include learning facilities, sports facilities, social facilities, arts facilities, spiritual facilities and careers and employ ability facilities. Special need based scholarships and merit scholarships also have a colossal amount of educational budget in UK. Students with other nationalities are also given discounted accommodation and merit based international scholarships.

According to The Complete University Guide the top 10 universities providing quality education and outstanding amenities to national and international students are:

Top 10 UK Universities:




University of Cambridge


University of Oxford


London School of Economics


Imperial College


Durham University


University of St Andrews


University College London


University of Warwick


University of Bath


University of Exeter

These top 10 universities are those which are ranked among world’s top 50 – 100 universities and leaders in every sector of life including economics to politics are made from these universities.