While in college, you have surely written many research papers; thus, mastering the art of selecting appropriate research paper topics is difficult. Unfortunately, not all of your favorite topics will be easy to write about. It becomes even more challenging if there isn’t enough research material available on the subject you’ve picked. But don’t worry, we have made a list of 50 research topics that you can write on.


The selection of random research topics is critical for academic success.

However, the first step is to learn how to write research papers, so as soon as you have one to start one, don’t be afraid to ask the lecturer any questions you have.

Request suggestions from your supervisor to have a clear idea of what you’re required to do and concentrate on other important areas of the writing process. Bear in mind that your paper’s topic should be related to the course you’re taking.

As soon as you begin a new course, it would help look for a compelling topic that may capture your interest. In addition, you will have more time for planning and organizing if you start early.

It’s best to write it down as a bulleted list.

Then it would help if you went over the list again, finding patterns and grouping ideas together for consistency.

In this way, you can select a topic that is suitable for your subject.


As the students are always searching for good research topics, we have gathered a few steps, by following which you can find top topics for research papers.

  • Investigate the Background

The first step is to undertake extensive background research, which includes a review of existing literature. It will help in conducting good research on the original problem background. It will also help you to come up with research topics and a research proposal. Finally, it will help you in choosing the best research paper topics.


  • Make a list of possible topics

Make a list of general subjects and brainstorm research topic ideas. Then, reduce your options to a single field of study and select one that most interests you. It’s the secret of writing a piece of paper that’s both informative and engaging.

You might also seek assistance from your lecturer in identifying good research topics for your paper. Remember, if you’re not sure you can choose controversial topics for research papers, it’s best to avoid them.

  • Collect relevant data

Next, gather relevant information on the subject of your choice. Again, read several points of view available on the internet for this.

  • Make use of keywords

Try to develop a term to help you choose the finest topic for your subject and preferences. For example, the keyword ‘literacy’ can lead to a variety of results. It could cover the literacy problems, how to increase, and other abuse-related essay topics.

It is an important method for grabbing the reader’s attention.

  • Remember to talk to your audience

Just identify the audience with whom you will talk. It is yet another significant factor to consider while choosing research paper subjects for high school or college.

To do so, a writer must completely understand the instructor’s preferences and standards. Therefore, before you start writing, double-check that your topic has been accepted.


These are the topics of the top research paper;

  • Is diversity in a team a good thing, and why?
  • What factors influence the popularity of one sport over another?
  • Why do people’s leisure hobbies vary as they get older?
  • What is the history of anime, and how did it become so famous around the world?
  • What are the most popular hobbies among kids and adults in your area?
  • Is there anything you can do in your nation that you can’t do when travelling abroad? Why?
  • Effective ways to deal with procrastination?
  • What preconceptions exist about individuals from your nation, and are any of them true?
  • Is it true that a person’s beauty determines how successful they will be in life?
  • What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of plastic surgery?
  • Is it true that Technology can create a generational divide?
  • Is there a difference between male and female friendships, and if so, why?
  • Is it possible for amusement parks to provide an educational purpose in addition to being entertaining?
  • Celebrities’ role in political campaigns.
  • Human trafficking and human rights are two issues that need to be addressed.
  • How are elders more smart and correct in their decisions and opinions?
  • Globalization and social security are two issues that need to be addressed.
  • What makes your country’s citizens happy?
  • What distinguishes some countries from others in terms of happiness and prosperity?

While these are popular research topics, but they are not the only topics.

There are also many other interesting research paper topics that you can easily browse on the internet.


Well, finding easy research paper topics for your research paper can be a difficult and frustrating thing to do; you can browse different topics on the internet for hours but still fail to find suitable issues that match your interest.

But, do not worry; this blog will assist you in finding an easy topic for your research paper too. We have listed down steps, and by following them, you can easily find an easy research paper topic of your choice.

  • First of all, review your course material to find the best suitable topic.
  • Next, dig into current events in your subject of study.
  • After that, take a walk to freshen up your mind.
  • Involve your family or friends in the decision-making process to help you suggest a better topic.
  • Write about topic ideas for 5 minutes to identify your passion.
  • Read up on your favorites topics’ backgrounds.
  • Fetch the most relevant keywords.
  • Research on the internet by using the keywords you extracted.
  • Explore the content of the topic you have chosen.
  • Prepare questions for your topic.
  • Then lastly, simultaneously write the references somewhere.

In this way, your head will be clear, and you can easily find the topic of your choice that is easy.


Who does not want their research topic to be interesting and that faculty will love your work and praise the piece of writing you have chosen. Interesting research paper topics can help in making your dream come true. If you are keen on an interesting topic, follow these steps.

  • Choose a subject that interests you, if you’re passionate about your topic, the research process will be fun rather than being a burden.
  • Reduce your topic to a manageable size because If your issue is too long, you will be bombarded with information and unable to concentrate.
  • Background reading might assist you in deciding on a topic and limiting its scope.
  • Review the guidelines for choosing a topic in your assignment.
  • Seek advice from your lecturer or TA.
  • To refresh your expertise of the course and project, look over the lecture notes and required texts.
  • Talk to your friends about good ideas for the research topic.
  • Prepare questions for the paper

We have also listed some current interesting research topics that might help you in finding one;

  • Climate and culture in the workplace.
  • How to treat mental illness?
  • Human Resource Models and Cycles.
  • Engagement and commitment inside the organization.
  • Organizational learning and absorptive capacity
  • Practice that is based on evidence.
  • How is Technology harming our lives?

These are great topics for research papers in demand and most researched these days, but again work on an issue according to your interest, do not just go with the flow, learn and grow by researching and finding the one that fits your choice.


Well, that is the most asked question; what are some good topics for a research paper that will highlight the issue of the society that the audience will take a deep interest in, and that will help highlight the society’s problems. Just do not choose a topic as easy as what is a short essay and where to look for essay writing services related to short essay? It is nothing to take an interest in such a topic, and it will not play any role in improving society. Here are some genres on which

  • Technology

Technology is something we cannot live without in today’s world. It has become an essential part of learning and growth. Today, even kids are using Technology for studying and completing their assigned tasks.

  • Religion

Many people do not want any discussion on religion. They respect privacy and care for other peoples’ sentiments, but there are some topics about each religion that need attention, or at least someone should study and write about it to grab the attention.

  • Social media

Today, social media platforms are even running businesses, grabbing the customers and increasing the sales; they are capable of doing much more, but their increased use has also resulted in many problems and problems like; bullying, threatening, and wasting the teens’ time. Therefore, extensive research needs to be done to cover all the pros and cons of social media.

  • Music

Music is divided into many different parts, the music that is popular worldwide, the national music etc.; you can explore topics on which you can write about music.

  • Education

Education has been the center of attention for many centuries; it has made people evolve into a better version of themselves; many topics related to education can be made as there are still thousands of issues regarding education worldwide.

  • Health

Health has become the hottest topic after the covid-19 pandemic, so a research paper on it will grab a lot of attraction.

  • Social issues

Social issues can help you get good grades; they are the most recommended topics for writing a research paper.

  • Environment

Environmental issues can also be highlighted through research papers; they can be slightly different and informative so the faculty can like them.


There are great topics for research papers available, and there can be various issues, as we have already discussed. These topics can range from scientific research paper topics to the popular research topic. But, do not always run behind finding an essay topic, collecting data of it from multiple sources and then just submitting it anyway, it can get rejected, your sleepless nights can get wasted, and you can get more demotivated after rejection, so never be in search of an easy topic rather try writing on a topic that is interesting or is highlighting an issue of the society.

Choosing a research paper topic and choosing good research paper questions might be a difficult task. Every issue seems to be a good choice for an interesting and informative research paper. You’ll discover, though, that some research areas are better than others. So, before writing a research paper, take a glance at the research subjects that needs to be avoided.

While writing a research paper, consider that lecturers and professors have to read hundreds of research papers, with the majority of them likely covering the same old topics. Some topics that are very common and everyone should avoid are;

  • The death penalty and abortion
  • Religious liberty
  • Bullying
  • The effects of a pandemic
  • How Technology has made our life easier.

These are not the only common topics; there are also several other topics. Teachers, on the other hand, have seen these research papers submitted numerous times. It’s usually best to avoid these all-too-common topics unless you have anything truly unique to say about them. Instead, examine the online newspapers for anything new and exciting – something that people aren’t paying attention to but likely to catch their interest.

Also, please do not write a research paper full of your stories; it is an informational paper that should be informational and not story-based.

Secondly, never go for a topic that has limited data available on the internet, even if the issue is easy, research paper is not a 500 words word document that you can write if you know the background, you have to research and study about your topic, collect facts and important information about it then you can write on it.

And lastly, never write on a topic that is too technical; IT students often prefer writing on a technical issue. Still, it is not recommended as it will target a limited audience only. For more assistance on research paper writing, visit the UK Writing Experts website.