Tips to Write an Essay

Essay writing is not an easy job for students, and the problem is that students are frequently asked to write essays on different topics in their academic life. Essay writing sometimes becomes frustrating because it requires a lot of knowledge, adequate writing skills, proper grammar and also a lot of time. There are some steps that may help students so that they can easily write an essay.


  • Research on the topic you are asked to write an essay, check libraries that is there any sufficient data provided which can help you with your essay.
  • Now after completing the research start to analyze the arguments, look what claims have been done and are they strong enough or not. If you think that the claims are not strong enough then make them strong through your examples and evidences.
  • Before starting the essay it is necessary to brain storm your mind. Brain storming and clustering is very important for essay writing because it helps you to gather different points at one place and in a sequence.
  • Write a clear introduction and a thesis statement in the introduction so that readers will get the idea that what is the topic about, thesis statement makes it clear to the readers that the author has a clear point of view about the topic.
  • Write essay in paragraphs, all the paragraphs should be in almost equal length and every paragraph should have one clear claim which should be realistic with proper evidences and examples.
  • Wrap up your essay by rewriting the thesis statement and by making a quick wrap up sentence in the conclusion.
  • At the end give proper APA style citations so that you can avoid plagiarism. After that proofread your essay so that you can find out your grammatical and writing errors, omit all the errors and make them correct.