Problems in assignment writing for students with ESL

Assignment writing in academic life is not an easy task for students because it involves different phases, complexities and perfection as well. It becomes more difficult for the students who speak English as second language, foreign students studying in UK does not have good writing skills because it is not their native language that is the main reason why they face problems in assignment writing.

Problems in assignment writing for students with ESL

Assignment writers with such background frequently generate failures of sentence structure, vocabulary, and elocution thought to come about because of the impact of their L1. For example, mapping its syntactic examples improperly onto the L2, affirming certain sounds mistakenly or with trouble, and confounding things of vocabulary known as false companions. This is known as L1 exchange or “Language impedance”. In any case, these exchange impacts are commonly stronger for tenderfoots’ language processing, and ESL research has highlighted numerous failures which can’t be ascribed to the L1, as they are validated in learners of numerous Language foundations (for instance, disappointment to apply third individual present solitary to verbs, as in ‘he make’ not ‘he makes’).

To make the academic life easier it is necessary for all the foreign students to learn English in a proper way before starting their particular degree courses because in degree courses assignment writing, thesis writing, dissertation etc are obligatory to complete the degree and these tasks require proper grammar, good writing skills, adequate knowledge etc.

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