Nursing Guide – where to start career


Out of the tons of professions, nursing is a profession which is to the fullest of measureless personal and professional honours. When a person chooses a career in nursing he or she has to give his or her life to help others. It’s not just a job, but it has huge opportunities for anyone who wants to start a career in nursing.

Nursing provides:

  • Variety of roles to choose
  • An opportunity of changing the career path
  • Work with a wide range of people and in different paths
  • Challenges to make a person to be at a right level

nursing-guideTypes of nursing careers

Nursing is not said to be one profession, but it has many career options, a person can choose according to his or her interest, experience, or passion. After completing the school or university, one may have many options for selecting as a career. It is one of the most flexible professions in comparing to other professions. They can start their job easily with their own choice of time, full-time or part-time. Most of the nurses take break from the job in order to raise their families or to go to the nursing school. They can even take up their job responsibilities again, after many days or years of absence.

Today, nurses have much more opportunities for choosing a career for themselves. As there is a substantial shortage of nurses, once a nurse is qualified he or she will not find any difficulty to be appointed to an entry level. Qualified nurses with the degree of bachelors (BSN) are much more guaranteed to get a job straight from the college or school. To be a good nurse, one must possess a quality of compassion and care giving; otherwise a person cannot get a chance of getting a job or can be fired from the existing job. As nursing field is composed of many different types of nursing careers from occupational nurses to the ambulatory nurses, this article describes some of the different types of nursing careers.

  • Agency or group nursing

Agency nursing is, where nurses have to get engaged by written agreement with an authority or an agency and let them know that when and what time they are available for the job. At agency nursing, nurses are then contacted for the job offered on a shifting basis.

  • Ambulatory nursing

Ambulatory care nursing is, in which nurses have to stay in hospitals for the patient care about less than a day. Ambulatory nursing is covered with a wide scope of specialisation in the backdrops of the patients who receives treatment at a hospital.

  • Anaesthesia nursing

Anaesthetist nurses are those who work with the operating surgeon, dental practitioner, chiropodist, and with other physicians in order to furnish anaesthesia to the patients earlier, throughout or subsequently the surgical operation, functioning or childbearing.

  • Cardiac nursing

Cardiac nursing where nurses work for evaluating, interposing, and carrying out nursing care for the patient relating to the heart diseases, with the other members of the medical staff.

  • Case Management nursing

Case Management is a process accomplished by the collaboration of judgment, preparation, facilitation and active support of an idea for alternatives and services to meet a mortal’s health requirement through the activity of communicating and obtainable resources to encourage lineament cost-efficient terminations.

  • Critical care management

Critical care nursing is where the nurses provide treatment to those patients and families who are facing serious life-threatening illness. The cases which are of critical conditions in different categories like cardiac, neurological, and cardiac surgeries, etc are treated in critical nursing.

  • Forensic nursing

Forensic nursing is a type of nursing where nurses have to provide treatment to the patients in prisons, to the victim of the crime and to collect the evidence from the crime scenes.

  • HIV/AIDS nursing

HIV/AIDS nursing is the type of nursing where nurses provide health care treatment for those patients who are suffering from the disease of HIV/AIDS positive. Usually these nurses got trained with the specialisation in treating the HIV/AIDS patients.

  • Oncology nursing

These nurses are responsible for providing the health care treatment and remission for the patients suffering from cancer of all stages.

Though the field of nursing is composed of many different types of nursing the above mentioned types are some of them.