How to Write the Introduction of Essays

essay-introductionEvery piece of writing’s introduction is extremely important as it contains the power to attract and appeal the reader towards itself. A well written introduction can pull and force the reader to read the essay till the end. Usually it is the introduction which drags the reader to read the essay until he reaches to the conclusion.

If the introduction is poorly written, with not a good start, not conveying the message reader wants to obtain and does not grasp the interest of the reader then you have unfortunately already lost to tempt the examiner and will ultimately loose marks.

The most challenging part students’ face while writing down an essay is to write an attention seeking introduction. But how to make your introduction interesting and attention grabber. What are the elements which construct a good introduction?

An examiner has the experience and skill to judge from an introduction how the rest of the essay is going to be. What is the content which an examiner hunts out in a well constructed introduction?

An academic writing can not have twists and turns. It should follow a logical and convincing direction in order to secure well. An introduction must contain the following:

  • Brief, applicable foundation data and/or other contextualizing material
  • An essay map
  • A thesis statement
  • Your point of view

Your introduction should be brief and short. Only applicable data should be incorporated. Do not give your reader too much context that he gets confused what you are talking about. It should be comprised of strong words and vocabulary convincing enough to convey the message and simultaneously not creating boredom for the reader.

The essay map gives the degree, direction and heading to your introduction. We can pass a statement that the whole introduction is an essay map, since the introduction ought to serve as a manual for exploring the composed work. Followed by a thesis statement you should conclude with your point of view. A point of view means coming up to a conclusion rather than leaving the question up in the air for the examiner to wonder what you are trying to illustrate. It should clearly demonstrate that you have come up with a statement through critical analysis and thinking.

An essay introduction should be strong enough to absorb the reader’s attention and interest. It should engage the examiner till the end of the essay; no matter how lengthy it is a well introduced essay will lead you to gain remarkable score.