Autobiography Essay

How to Write Autobiography Essay?

We humans usually think about our lives; there is always a thought that comes to mind to depict our lives on paper. It is a great way to express and define yourself and learn to introduce yourself to other people, which is significant in different spheres of your life. Also, it helps if you aim to become a writer. Usually, authors of articles, books, poetry, and other publications require publishing their own autobiographies to let the world know them. Numerous people think about how they would be remembered. Sometimes we too, and this way, autobiographies are being written to keep people in our memories and lives.

Writing is considered as the superior skill for the students that need to be learnt. Therefore, teachers usually ask students to write autobiography essays. Writing an autobiography essay can be tough and more challenging than other general essay topics. This is not a common issue; however, it can decide your education career or even job as it is usually required as a part of application documents. Although, before jumping to the autobiography essays, it’s significant to initially know what autobiography is.

What Is An Autobiography?

A non-fiction story of an individual’s life, written by the subject themselves from their viewpoint, is known as Autobiography. It is a subgenre of the extensive category of biographies; however, a standard biography is written by anyone other than its subject (commonly a historian), whereas the subject writes an autobiography.

Now coming back to autobiography essays, so to start with it, you need to know why it is important. Then, it will help you deal with why I need to write an autobiography essay about myself? So let’s take a look!

Why Is Writing An Autobiography Essay Significant?

Generally, autobiography essays focus on an individual, their life and experiences. Although this type of paper can be challenging for so many students, which is why they usually why these are important? Well, here are some reasons:

  • An autobiographical essay is an inevitable part of several colleges, universities, applications for scholarships, job applications, or even contests.
  • These essays are crucial for making personal statements that describe readers more about you, your character and personality, and some personal experiences.
  • The autobiography essay provides personal details; you can mention the elements that can’t be included in the resume, CV or application.

These are some reasons that show that why autobiography essays are important.

How to Start an Autobiography Essay?

Students usually search for college autobiography essay examples to come up with a good piece of writing. This is why here are three basic factors that you must keep in mind while start writing an autobiography essay, either for potential publication or for your class.

  • The first one is, as you know that essays are shorter as compared to novels, so focus on one phase of your life, like family, job, or loss of most precious thing or person and dig into it. Then, use your autobiography essay to embrace the mistakes and show readers what you have learned from your life.
  • Try to make your writing focused and clear and include details that are beneficial for your story. For instance, if you’re writing about your marriage life, then don’t go onto a curve about your childhood dream.
  • The last thing to remember is, even you’re writing about a real incident, you should report it in a way that looks like a story. Start with an eye-catchy lead, build your characters, plan and complete it with an ending that leaves readers thinking.

These points can help you have a clear idea of what you need to focus on while starting your essay.


Making an Autobiography Essay Outline

Creating an outline for your autobiographical essay needs you to narrow the details of what you wish to showcase. The main idea is to gather your life in a single snapshot. Consequently, think of all the crucial factors that develop into a central idea. Students try to find my autobiography essay sample online, thinking that they can find out something related to their life incidents. However, this is not true!

You need to write your autobiography essay on your own, and it usually starts with proper planning. In the outline, you need to gather and organize your thoughts and keep in mind to meet all the requirements. These are some of the things to consider so that you can be creative enough while organizing your ideas.

  • Brainstorm
  • Generate ideas
  • Topic selection
  • Thesis statement (you can search autobiography statement examples online to get an idea)
  • Engaging starting
  • Explain setting and background
  • Main body
  • Organizing story in a non-chronological manner
  • Interesting conclusion
  • Proofread
  • Edit (If needed)
  • Refine you writing


How to Write an Autobiography Essay?

An autobiography essay is not just an essay but about something that you experience in your life. Writing an autobiography is a tough thing to do. Therefore, here are some of the stages of how to start an autobiography essay.


1.      Planning of Your Essay


Regardless of whether you’re writing an essay for a scholarship or an autobiography for a class, there is always a need for planning. When students don’t have any specific idea, they look for an autobiography essay example online, as they don’t know how to start it. At this stage, you must define the purpose and goals of your essay, select a topic and make a draft. Here are some crucial factors.

Initially, you need to decide the topic that interest you. For an autobiography essay, you must select a real story from your life that you want people to know, care about and shows your personality. An excellent idea is to write about a difficult phase of life that you have faced or a great accomplishment. In addition, you must define your purpose. Then, it can help you concentrate on the right things.

The next thing to remember is to consider who will be reading your essay and what your audience expects from your writing piece. After this, you can start producing ideas for your essay. Use multiple techniques such as free-writing, questioning, or clustering to find inspiration.

The last stage of planning is to make your autobiography essay outline. Again, make it clear and as detailed as possible to help you write it faster and not forget any point.

2.      The Writing Stage

Now, when you start composing your paper, your essay must be based on the outline that you have made. Often students look for an autobiography essay example and still don’t understand how to start writing it. Well, the right way is to jump into your story, which takes two crucial parts, introduction, main body and conclusion.

a)      Introduction

The introduction of any writing piece has three primary objectives.

  • The first one is to introduce the reader to the topic of your essay.
  • Then to present the core idea.
  • The third one is to drive the reader’s attention.

The introduction of your essay needs to be concise and straight to the point. As a rule, intros must be between three to five lines long. The right way to write your autobiography intro is to compose a general portrait and make an interesting statement that  encourages the readers to read your autobiography essay.

b)     Main Body

The main body of your essay is the biggest and crucial part that ultimately describes your story. Unlike the introduction or conclusion, the body doesn’t have any particular requirements in terms of length. You can write your main body as long as you want to uncover the main happenings of your life. The only rule that applies here is, it must be:

Clear – Ensure making your text easy to understand and read.

Well-Structured – Every paragraph must focus on a certain period or event.

Logical – As you’re writing an autobiography essay, so it is important to write facts in a logical way and with smooth transitions between each paragraph.

c)      Conclusion

The intro of your essay makes people interested in your story and involves them reading the entire thing. However, the conclusion is what leaves an impression. Consequently, you must make it powerful.

The conclusion of your autobiography essay is an excellent point to assess your life, the lessons you’ve learned, and mention how they took you to where you are now. Like your introduction, your conclusion shouldn’t be too long and must not include any new information. Keep it concise and clear.

In addition, some of the important things are must do:

  • Use details to explain the setting and background of your story to make it detailed.
  • Don’t start your essay with a quotation unless it looks significant.
  • Always write it in the first person.
  • Don’t make it lengthy or broad.
  • Describe what you want to express to your readers; start explaining what exactly happened once you’re done describing the background and main ideas.
  • Start with something interesting.
  • Make a smooth transition from the introduction to the further part.
  • End it with an engaging, clear and memorable conclusion. Explain that why your story is significant to you, what lessons and experiences you got and more.
  • Be mindful of analyzing an autobiographical essay to come up with a great writing piece.

3.      Polishing Your Autobiography Essay

When you’re done writing your paper, the next step is to read it thoroughly to check the mistakes that need to be fixed. Check the grammar, punctuation structure of your essay. Use tools to check plagiarism and submit the best quality autobiography essay.

4.      College Autobiography Essay Example for Students

An autobiography is a story of an individual’s life. When your teachers ask you to write an autobiography essay, they basically want you to tell about your life’s story. Even if you don’t have an exciting story, writing it as per the standard structure can make it effective. There are several autobiography examples available online, but often students search for an example of autobiography of a student to get an idea of writing a good piece from other student’s samples.

5.      Find Student Autobiography Example

Before you start writing, the initial thing you must do is study a good piece, or maybe more than one. Consider examples of autobiographies composed by famous people, or you can take help from student autobiography examples. This step has numerous purposes, such as:


  • To have a clear image of how an autobiography must look like.
  • To grasp the general tone, format and structure.
  • To get inspired.


Extra Tip for You

Your autobiography essay is not easy to write, and we understand this; therefore, here are some extra tips to help you write your essay efficiently.


  • Choose an event that excites you, as it can be more engaging and easy to write.
  • Think of an audience who will be interested in reading your writing piece.
  • Be authentic.
  • Make it easy to understand.
  • Know the purpose of your autobiography.
  • Check if your essay answers the given requirements.
  • Be sure of what you’re writing.


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