Because news stories deliver information specifically, writing a newspaper article differs from writing other articles or writing pieces. It’s important to adjust all data in a short story in a limited amount of time and quickly give your target audience the facts. Knowing how to create a news article can help you pursue a career in news, improve your writing skills, and effectively convey information. Now to question is how to write a newspaper article?
Writing a newspaper is not that difficult, and in this blog, we will write a newspaper article easily.

The majority of newspaper articles fall into one of two categories:

  • The Featured Articles
  • The News Articles

There are also pinion articles, such as editorials, book and movie reviews.

Here’s how to differentiate between a news piece and a feature story. The current trending topics are covered under the news story. Regular news items are shorter and less in-depth than feature stories. They take a multi-angled approach to a single topic and are written in a more creative, engaging style. A news story, on the other hand, can be imaginative and interesting.

Do remember that news and features both demands the same level of reporting and research. So we have also shared newspaper article examples in this blog.


A new article is a piece of writing that addresses current events of general interest (e.g., a daily newspaper) or a specific issue (i.e. political or business news magazines, club newspapers, or technology news websites). In addition, eyewitness reports of the news may be included in a news article.


For writing a newspaper article effectively, we have listed the features of a newspaper:

  • Make your headline brief and to the point
  • Never drag your headline; it depends not on the word count; rather, it depends upon how catchy it is.
  • It would help if you briefly summarized the plot in the first sentence.
  • Write in the third person and the past tense for your report.
  • To help the reader grasp the material in your newspaper article, divide it into paragraphs.
  • If you’re using quotes to spice up your report, don’t forget to utilize speech marks!
  • To provide the reader with extra information, use a photo with a caption.
  • Include both facts and opinions in your newspaper.

You can easily write a newspaper article if you follow these steps.


Millions of people read various newspaper examples. Some of the newspaper article examples are EDUCATION TIMES, THE NEWYORK TIMES, THE GUARDIAN etc.


Writing a newspaper requires different techniques than writing an academic paper. You’ll need to know the difference between whether you’re writing for a school newspaper, satisfying a class requirement, or looking for a writing job in journalism. Consider these instructions on how to write an effective news article if you want to write like a real reporter.

Select an area of writing

You must first determine what to write. You may be given assignments from an editor or instructor, but you will most likely have to choose your topic to write on.

After selecting the topic, you might be able to choose something relevant to your own experience or family history, giving you a solid sense of perspective. You could also choose a topic based on personal interest, such as your favorite sport. Finally, you can look for newspaper article examples* to help you assist with the topic.

For your news article, conduct research

Even if you choose a topic close to your heart, you should start by conducting research, using books and articles to understand the subject thoroughly. Then, go to the library to learn more about the people, organizations, and events you’ll be covering. After all, that’s how our experts approach all projects at our assignment writing service

Next, do interviews with a few people to gather additional information and quotes on the subject. Don’t be scared by the prospect of interviewing an influential individual; just take it easy as how informal an interview can depend on you, so relax and enjoy it. Find people who have knowledge of the subject and strong opinions about it, and carefully write or record their comments to ensure accuracy. Make it clear to the interviews that you’ll be quoting them. In this way, you can gather a lot of information and techniques for writing a news article.

Follow the format of news writing

Before you start writing a newspaper, you need to understand the components of a news story:

The title or headline

Your article’s headline should be catchy and to the point. Unless your magazine indicates otherwise, you should punctuate your title according to Associated Press style rules.


The byline is the author’s name— that is, your name.

The lead

Lead is the teaser of the news. It contains a summary of the story as well as many of the key facts. The lead will assist readers in determining if they want to read the rest of the news story or if they are satisfied with the information provided.

The plot

Follow up with a well-written narrative that includes facts from your research and comments from people you’ve interviewed. Your opinions should not be included in the article. Instead, any occurrences should be listed in chronological order. When feasible, use the active voice rather than the passive voice, and write in clear, short, direct phrases.

The first paragraphs should contain main info and supporting material following. It guarantees that the reader is presented with the most crucial information first. Then, hopefully, they’ll be interested enough to read all the way through.

The references

Include the material and quotes from your sources in the body of your paper. However, our academic writing service pros say these aren’t added at the end as they would be in academic publications.

The conclusion

For leaving the reader with a powerful impression of your story, your closing can be your final bit of information, a summary, or a carefully chosen quote.


Newspaper examples articles are written in a proper format like

The X celebrity has been the talk of the town again for his unbelievable stunts.

And then goes the body content and the closing paragraph.

But, the main thing is how to write a news article effectively? So, here is a guide for how to write a news article.

  • Start with the most important information. Every article’s introduction must immediately capture the reader’s attention and summaries the story in 20 – 30 words.
  • Make your text thorough while remaining brief. “Who, what, where, when, why, and how” should be included in the first few phrases. Remember that most readers will only read about 250 words before skipping. You should make every effort to provide them with all the information they require as fast as possible.
  • Use the present tense. It’s more efficient and requires fewer words. For example, Tina was murdered.
  • Make it clear what’s new or different. For example, what makes you think the reader will be interested in your news? What does it have to do with them? Is there a popular culture or global trend that you could add? And how does this relate to what you do?
  • Make it in favor of humanity. While the people will be interested in an emerging cancer treatment, a new food or product, or the weather forecast for tomorrow, putting a human face on the story can build an emotional connection that will attract readers keep them engaged. If you go through the most read newspaper examples articles, you will find most of them favoring humanity.
  • Make use of quotations. It’s a good way to communicate vital ideas through someone else’s language. When quoting others, make sure you get it right. Make sure your interviewee’s name is spelled correctly and that quotes aren’t taken out of context in a way that confuses the person’s intentions.
  • Although writers frequently joke that the truth should never stand in a good story’s way, never write something untrue. Lying can break the trust of your readers.
  • Another secret of how to write a newspaper article, proofread your work with the help of another person. Because few people cannot identify their own errors, having a coworker double-check your work before publishing is a good idea.


Now we know what a newspaper article is and how we write it, we should now focus on how to write a newspaper article or what makes a good newspaper article:

  • Information – It is the most crucial part of writing a writing a newspaper report. More information presented in a precise way will help your news get more attention.
  • Focus – how to turn a story into a newspaper article; this question has been asked several times on many websites; the main thing is whatever you do, make sure that your audience’s focus is still there and they are not losing attention.
  • Context – You should always select a news topic that benefits the audience to get more attention from them.

There are also many tips, but these are the ones and implementing them is the best way to structure a newspaper article.


If you can get the attention of readers, your news piece is a hit. UK Writing Experts also suggests starting by practicing local and entertainment news are they are fun and attention catchy.