How to Title an Essay – Tips and Example – Complete Guide

Essay writing has never been an easy task. It requires long hours of research and dedication in order to construct an essay that inspires teachers or professors. Students have to write compelling essays to grab the attention of their professors. 

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Importance of Essay Title

Essays have many different components but the heading, or you may call the title of the paper, tops the list. It is very important because an essay kicks off from here. You cannot have a happy journey if the start is troubling. How can you attract readers if you are not aware of the importance of getting the perfect title for your essay? There is no chance of achieving your goal with an essay that holds a weak title. Your title is the deal-breaker. If you don’t get it right, the whole content will fail to play its role. 

Wondering why a title is so important? It’s simple. Your title has the job to intrigue the professor or other readers. If it fails to spark curiosity among readers, no matter what you have written in it and no matter how excellent the vocabulary is, no one is going to praise it. Because no one will reach down there, they will simply neglect your essay after reading the boring title. 

Therefore, it is very important to create an inspiring title for your essay. If you want to showcase your writing talent and the wisdom, knowledge you have gathered after carrying out research for your essay, make sure to write a compelling and appealing heading. Yes! Your text also plays a big role but it comes after the title. Thus, in order to get positive feedback or good grades, make sure every part of your essay is up to perfection but prioritise the title. If you are not good enough at titling essays, don’t worry! We will walk you through it. In this blog, you will get to learn some effective tips for titling your essay. 

Tips for Creating an Appealing Essay Title

We are sure that by now, you have realised the importance of creating an impressive and eye-catching title for your essay. Now, let’s move on and learn what does a good and quality essay title includes. It’s totally okay if you are not good at providing the best titles to your essays. We all learn different things in life with time and today is your day of grasping this important skill. Don’t feel bad about your flaw; even the most prolific essay writer faces writer’s block at times. It does not mean you should stop right there and start ruminating, but realising you are not good at something provides you with an opportunity to learn something new. So, let’s move on to some new learning and see what the qualities of a good essay title are. 

Qualities of a Goof Essay Title

We have listed down a few qualities that a good essay title must possess: 

  • Catchy – Make sure your essay title is above average and you have used attractive words. It sparks the interest of your reader and once your title has grabbed their attention, half of the work has been done. Now it is up to your content because the title has succeeded and the reader has moved on to the body of your essay. 

Nobody prefers reading boring content and there are hundreds of essays with average headings. Why would they read your essay? There is always a reason behind the success of any essay and one of the main ones include a catchy headline.


  • Credible – Getting a catchy title does not mean that you should stray away from credibility. Your title must be believable or else no one will read it. People will just read the title and walk away after making fun of it. Most of the students make this mistake to grab the audience and eventually fail their essay. 

Even your professor will not be happy with an incredible title. It can turn him red in anger because it is a proper essay, not a tabloid. Therefore, you should make sure to follow the rules of credibility while constructing a catchy headline. A title that does not deliver is never going to do the job.


  • Use Easy Vocabulary – Don’t put some highly unknown jargons right in the title. Readers are always attracted to what is innovative yet simple. You should keep yourself from writing complicated structures, strange phrases and jargons that are not common among readers. 

Even your professors will not be impressed with this over-efficient act. Nobody is going to like difficult-to-understand and complex titles. They will just spend a few seconds and move on to another one. Therefore, it is better to use easy vocabulary in the title of your essay. 


  • Concise – It is better to stay short and concise while penning down the title. Readers are always attracted to short and catchy titles. They are not interested in wordy ones because these can get confusing.

Don’t forget; less is more. Try to be precise while writing your titles. Reading and understanding something in one go always makes readers happy. 


  • Be Accurate and to the point – As we have already discussed that one should be credible with titles, accuracy is also important. You should be to the point and concisely accurate while writing titles. Another important thing to mention here is that your titles should be according to your content. 

It is very important because when a reader opens your essay, it means he has trusted you with his time. If he finds something inaccurate or irrelevant to the title, he will turn red in anger and the purpose of your essay will go in vain.

These were some very important qualities of a good essay title and if you want to impress your professors or grab the attention of a big audience, you should pen down your title according to these tips.

How to Title Your Essay?

Let us share some more details of how should you title your essay: 

Title it after completing the content

You might be surprised to hear that titling your essay after completing it is a very good idea. Most writers don’t follow this pattern and that approach sounds logical as well. But doing the opposite is more beneficial. We haven’t walked that road; that’s why we are unaware of the perks of titling the essay in the end. 

When you have already completed the essay, it provides you with a good hold over what you have written in the paper. You can obviously provide a better title when you are aware of the content that has been written in the paper. Else, you will go here and there in finding a suitable title, and then the content or the approach will get limited to the title. 

Writers who pick the title first have limits. They get bound within it and can barely go beyond the boundaries. If they try to do so, it will make the title irrelevant, which can spoil the mood of readers. On the other hand, if you will write the title after completing the essay, you will also get a chance to reread the whole content and highlight the most important or concerning part of your essay as the title. 

Here is the most important benefit of titling your essay in the end. It will save time! Wondering how? There are many students who waste their time in finding a good title or topic to write about. It often takes hours to decide. Meanwhile, when you start writing first, you can serve this whole time in creating an outline, researching and carrying out other important facts about your essay. 

Important things to keep in mind

Some other important things to keep in mind while writing your essay title are given below: 

Add SubheadingsIt is better to be specific about your content and subheadings can get the job done very effectively. Readers will read the topic that interests them without wasting any time. 

Capitalisation – You should capitalise your headings except for the pronouns, articles, conjunctions and preposition.

Review the Title – A good title is never written; it is always rewritten. Make sure to do a quick review after completing your title. You will surely find some flaws. 

These were a few things you should keep in mind while penning down your title. We hope these tips were helpful for you and you get better at writing essay titles with them.