7 Reasons to Migrate To the United Kingdom

7 Reasons to Migrate To the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom remains among the top destination for those people considering to make a move from their home country. The UK is one of the most influential countries in the world. It is the sixth-largest national economy in the world when measured by its GDP. UK is also a member of the UN Security Council. 

Until recently, she was an important EU member, which is the largest trading bloc in the world. Such is the UK’s importance to the world in general and the EU specifically that Brexit is now the well-known word worldwide.

Below are some of the reasons to immigrate to the UK.

  • Huge Labour market

With the production level going on in the country, employers are always looking for young and cheap labour. There is a norm in developed nations; the nationals expect to be paid more than the ex-pats. 

Employers prefer to save costs and are more open to hiring those workers who show similar commitment but are cheaper to hire. The labourers and workers still try to emigrate due to a lack of job opportunities and the higher expected pay rate than their home country. In addition, some specializations are better appreciated in countries such as the UK compared to developing nations.

  • Education

Many families want to immigrate to the UK in order to give their children one of the best education in the world. Cambridge and Oxford Universities are one of the oldest universities in the world and have been providing quality education for more than a century. Lincoln Inn is recognized as one of the foremost law universities on the planet. Similarly, the London school of economics and the London School of Management are considered one of the best universities for learning about economics and management, respectively. 

People who get educated in the UK are also more likely to get well-paying jobs sooner than those who have studied in local universities in developing countries.

Many of the UK universities boast highly illustrious alumni and former students who have gone on to affect world history significantly. The highly prestigious Institute of Chartered Accountants in the UK is responsible for conducting thousands of exams worldwide for CA and ACCA. 

The world-renowned Cambridge International Examinations and Oxford International examinations also boast of conducting thousands of exams worldwide every year. Families try to immigrate to the UK to ensure that their children get the best education from primary school to university. Students who migrate to the UK may find it difficult to adjust to an educational system that is different from their home country. 

However, they can use resources such as coursework help services to help them familiarize themselves and adjust to the new system without having to compromise on their grades. 

  • Health care

The Healthcare System of the UK is one of the best in the world. NHS tries to ensure that many citizens get quality Healthcare without facing the worry of having to pay large bills. They aim to give free healthcare to everyone regardless of their earning capacity. 

NHS has five aims which can be summarized as follows. Their first aim is to stop as many premature deaths as possible regardless of age. Their second aim is to help people with long term medical conditions to live as much normal life as possible. 

Their third mission is to help people recover from injuries or ill-health. Their fourth aim is to ensure that patients do not have to suffer much in health institutions. Their fifth mission point is to ensure that patients are treated in a sanitary manner, thereby avoiding avoidable illnesses.

  • Culture and security 

The UK is a boiling pot of various nationalities living side by side in peace and harmony. This allows the emigrants to mingle with people of various backgrounds and understand various social sensitivities. This may include multiple aspects such as race, religion and culture. The efficient police force and fair disposition of justice ensure that the emigrants can live their lives without fear of loss of life or wealth.

  • No language problem

One of the advantages of choosing the UK as a country to emigrate to is that you won’t have to worry about learning a new native language. Since English is the most widely spoken language worldwide, you will feel more at ease, knowing you can communicate and understand the natives. However, it will take you some time to get familiar with the accent and mannerism but you will soon easily adjust. 

  • Holidays

As per the law set by the government, if you are working full time, you can take 28 paid days off in a year. Apart from that, you also get off on all public holidays. This means you have plenty of time to rest and relax or plan your vacations with your family. 

  • Excellent food

If you want the ultimate comfort food, there is no better place to indulge your taste buds than at the restaurants and pubs of the UK. London, the capital of England, is known to offer world-class cuisines. Classic British dishes comprise Shepherd’s Pie, Yorkshire pudding, Sunday Roast, Spotted dick, Steak and Ale Pie, and fish fingers, chips and beans. 

The above are some of the most important reasons why many immigrants should look towards the UK to make another country their home. Living and working in the UK should help people develop themselves socially and educationally. Higher wages compared to their home countries should also allow immigrants to improve their standards of living. If you are considering to improve your quality of life, migrating to the UK can be the right step in this direction.