50 fun activities

50 Fun Activities to do with your college friends

Since Kindergarten, we have been thrown into the group of strangers, trying our best to make lifelong friends out of them, and yet it is about to happen again when you head to the college.

Though, it depends totally on your luck which clan of friends you’re going to land on! Either they are college nerds, athletes, party-goers, pranksters, average-graders or flunking-masters, one thing is for sure you’re going to meet some new people.

You may be afraid of being left high and dry in the ocean full of strangers, but it’s not long enough when a bunch of friends hold your hand and walk you through the end of it.

Stuck with a chance or any circumstance, college friendships are usually going to last a lifetime. You’re going to do most of the ‘firsts’ together like drunk calling a teacher, stealing from the superstore, faking an ID to get drinks from a bar and many more. And there will be a time when you will run out of things and wonder “what to do next?”

Well, this is when our absolute blistering guide will come to your aid! In this blog post, we are going to throw some killer fun ideas and activities to do with your college friends. Partying all night is certainly one way to enjoy college days, but there are several other fun things you may probably be missing out on!

While college is a place for furthering education, it’s also a breeding ground of a lot of sweet and sour memories which are going to stay forever. So, make sure to checkmark all the following things listed below before graduating from college:


  •  Raising a fire alarm in the middle of the night, because apparently, you don’t know how to cook ramen noodles.
  • Prank calling someone, and then talking to them whole night and eventually becoming friends.
  • Going on a road trip with friends, which is probably planned an hour or two before.
  • Signing up for a completely different subject, most importantly, it should be not related to your major. Something that you can cling to in your free time.
  • If you would like to have some crazy fun, start a water balloon fight in the middle of the campus.
  • Decide one day to go off-fashion together! Either it’s a matching haircut or a costume! Bonus points if you guys dye your hair with the same funky colours.
  • How about playing a game of tag and hide-and-seek in Wal-Mart. They have plenty of space to hide though…
  • Try being a total psycho group for one day, and swim in the college fountain. There’s a fair chance of others going to join too. Bonus point if it’s winter!
  • Plan your college event! Either it’s a movie night, guitar tournament or sporting activity… be the event manager for one day!
  • Girls, throw a slumber party and boys, crash that party!
  • Schedule a day for karaoke night! Create a YouTube channel, throw some fairy light, bring on a camera, and roll out a crazy musical night. You can even have your pop musical band and become the next “the Beatles”.
  • Host a spine-chilling Halloween Party! Dress up as crazy as you want to be…
  • Ask your friend’s crush for a prom date – not for you but your friend, duh obviously!
  •  Closing down the bar and the library for a day!
  • Spend one Thanksgiving with friends. Instead of heading back home, stay at your dorm room and host a thanksgiving party. Cook some traditional dishes at your crappy kitchen, stream all the Friends Thanksgiving episodes together, play truth-or-dare or whatever old-school game you can recall and have fun!
  • Make the most out of the college campus! We know it’s a place meant to respect, but you’re also paying to stay there. So, just lay out on the grass, have a BBQ at the quad or at least have a bonfire at night. The experience would be worth the risk. Don’t forget to take pics for Instagram!
  • Set up a fake batch photo session or senior portrait activity! See whether the people actually show up or not! You will have an idea if it’s going to be less weird than the last one.
  • Have a dressing swap with your roommate.
  • Be friends with your fierce enemy in college. Break the ice and see if he/she is still longing for friendship!
  • Go to the gym wearing a crazy outfit (probably a suit) with friends and have a work-out. The next thing you will see is your picture going viral on Instagram.
  • Hijack a public bus with your friends.
  • Book a dissertation writing service for a group project, and go on a vacation instead! There are plenty of online writing companies that offer academic assistance to students in exchange for money. So, instead of frying your brain on tedious projects, take time off and have!
  • Together with your friends, crash a wedding or someone else’s party! Because going to your party is so mainstream!
  • Place a booby-trap in someone’s dorm room, together with your roommate, of course.
  • Pull a prank at your teacher! But don’t get expelled for it please…
  • Try a foreign dish, which you can’t even pronounce.
  • Take up a spicy Ramen noodles challenge.
  • Slumber in the college library or anywhere at the college campus. Sleeping during a lecture is too mainstream, try having a nap somewhere unusual.
  • Create a social support group together with your friends and help someone in need. You can gather funds from the campus or outside the campus, and help someone who needs financial help.
  • Take part in an eating contest and break all the eating records!


When all things are said and done, you will be called the craziest college student ever in the history of college students.