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10 Reasons Your Essay Writing Is Not What It Should Be

In an ideal world, there might be some creative and passionate creatures who think of writing as a supreme and spiritual experience that detach them from the rest of the world, but the ground reality says something else. However, in the pragmatic and realist world, writing is the most frustrating and daunting tasks for the students. Particularly when it comes to academic writing, we can say that one thing that can turn pleasant weather into the dark and stormy night for students, give a shiver and a tickling wave of pressure in the spine to any student or make any pleasant situation a terrible and gruesome nightmare is essay writing. The moment students are assigned academic essays; their faces reflect the feelings of dread and fear because the whole process of essay writing is like a rough and bumpy road that has a number of obstacles and hurdles on it.

However, students might contact the essay writing service to reduce the workload and academic burden, but for opening the door to success in future, they have to learn the art of writing a quality essay. On a temporary basis, it might save you from the panicky night and hustling schedule, but in the long run, it is not at all beneficial for the students to avail the writing services of academic writers.

On several social media platforms, we have seen students bombarding inundated questions related to essay writing. According to them, even after trying hard and putting all the time and effort in writing they are unable to produce a well-structured and well-written essay. However, by reading repetitively, students can identify and recognise the qualities that an essay lacks for achieving good grades in exams.

Lack of Proper Structure: Only the person who is living in a slumberland can expect good marks in an essay without writing a well-organised essay. Planning effectively before writing and pondering over the topic can have a huge impact on the overall readability of the essay. Hence, you must organise it before writing to produce a worthwhile piece of text.

Have Ambiguous and Vague Sentences: One thing that can diverge as well as perplex the mind of the reader while reading the essay is the irrelevant and vague sentences. However, some of us might have a firm belief in the thought that the more we write, the more marks we get. Little did we think that dragging content with meaningless sentences can devalue our essay.

Uncultivated Diction: The choice of words is also one of the most important aspects of essay writing because it determines the overall quality of the essay. Nevertheless, students might have to work on their vocabulary and extract new words from different resources in order to maintain the standard quality. The new words also allow students to generate new ideas and also help them in creating a link between their idea and the topic.

Inadequate Writing Skills: We have been taught the art of writing since the very beginning of our educational carrier. However, some of us have a preconceived notion that writing is an instinct quality in individuals. It is true that some individuals might have remarkable writing skills and some would have inadequate and poor writing skills, yet, everyone can augment the writing skills by making it part and parcel of their daily lives as we have heard that practice makes perfect.

Grammatical and Syntax Errors: An essay flooded with inundated grammatical and syntax errors is worthless because it interrupts and disturbs the flow of reading. However, holding on to the post-writing stages that are editing and proofreading is the best solution to rectify all the mistakes in your essay.

Lack of Coherency: Students who usually don’t know what to write, where to start, and how to cover the whole topic of the essay tend to write in an immature manner. However, the immature writing skills are the main reason for the lack of coherency in an essay.

Assemblance of Ideas: In a nutshell, essay writing is all about presenting your ideas related to your subject, however, to present your ideas in an organised pattern is more important than flooding the essay with new ideas. Some students might have to face difficulty in assembling ideas because it comes with practice and experience. Yet, organising the ideas students can make a rough outline before writing.

Lack of Researched Content: There is a preconceived notion infiltrated in the minds of the individuals that, bombarding the essay with overflowing irrelevant ideas can help them in gaining good grades in exams. However, they don’t realise that instead of the word length of the essay, the quality of the content plays a significant role in improving the worth and quality of the final product.

Insufficient Supporting Evidence: To validate your ideas and to prove them you always need supporting evidence. However, finding relevant supporting evidence is not an easy task as it requires extensive research but to improve the overall quality of the essay you need to collect enough supporting evidence.

Complex Sentences: Drag on sentences makes the essay a difficult-read for the examiner as it confuses and perplexes the mind of the reader. However, to avoid composite sentences you must keep it simple by writing properly structured and organised sentences.